Three weapons of renown

The Silver Knightlord’s Claw

A massive lance of gnarled, spiraled silversteel socketed into a haft hewn from nightoak and lashed with silver binding.

The Claw has no especial enchantments in and of itself, but in the hands of any blood-descendant of Akanthi the Knight of Silver it is unbreakable and will gleam with the intensity of a dozen candles of moonlight.


Six-Leaved Benediction

An unusual spear of Vorakh design, sporting a long head of oddly green steel barbed on one side like a harpoon; six barbs, curving back like thick, stylized teeth.

Though Benediction is a worthy weapon and functions as an enchanted one against foes vulnerable to such, its greater value does not lie in combat — if sunk into the earth haft-first and watered, Benediction blossoms into a sapling as strong as steel and all with 100 feet of the young tree are safe from the predations of spirits and the unliving.


Skithani, the Ivory Talon

A shortbow with a notably strong recurve, carved of magically supple ivory and faced with translucent, nearly colourless horn, Skithani is strung with finely braided sinew and at least one time was kept in a sable-skin case along with a score of ivory, self-headed arrows.

In the hands of most, the Ivory Talon functions as an imperishable but otherwise relatively unremarkable shortbow, striking targets with swift accuracy (+1 to attribute tests using Skithani) but no other obvious effects. In the hands of a spellcaster, however, Skithani gains the ability to penetrate the protections of supernatural creatures; its owner may also infuse its arrows with power, expending magical energies to increase an arrow’s wounding potential (adding xd4 to an arrow’s damage, where x is the level of the spell slot sacrificed).

The Dawnstorm Blades

A pair of shortswords resembling wedges of rippled, razor sharp rosy crystal or glass. The blades are mounted in plain hilts wrapped with white and gold leather and have no quillions or hand guards to speak of.

The blades may be wielded simultaneously without penalty. When making an attack, the decision may be made to use one of the blades’ dawnstrikes: double the damage, which becomes thunder damage. This may be performed three times a day and the enchantment renews at dawn each day.

If the Dawnstorm Blades are turned against the rightful ruler of a place, they will inflict a dawnstrike on their bearer instead. Swearing an oath of loyalty gains their bearer a second pool of dawnstrikes, usable only in the service of the one to whom the oath has been sworn.

A lone blade may be wielded; but the pair cannot be divided between multiple owners unless split between a liege lord and their loyal one.