Spelltober 2021

Much like Monstober, I’m going to try to tackle as much as I can of Spelltober, which uses this prompt list from Spell Generator @ Twitter. (yes, yes, I know — and there’s one more set of prompts to go! but I have to start that one late[r], alas.)

I’m sticking with my short and fairly generic pocketrpg/TBH/rules-lite/0e D&D-ish hybrid tactics, because that’s probably easiest to fill out and adapt as well as quicker to write, lol. ;3

01. Spark
– Touch a target, living or non; the next time metal touches it, a burst of bright-coloured sparks will (choose at casting, else random):
01. cause 1d4 lightning damage
02. blind for 10 minutes
03. ruin the metal object
04. spell out a message of ten words or less.

02. Orb
Tauvra’s shelter
– Shapes a hollow sphere up to 20′ across from available material — soil, stone, living plants, brickwork, canvas — and phases it halfway into the ground without disrupting the terrain. The interior is accessed by a single round hatch; inside are several ledges for sitting and sleeping, and a hatch into the lower half of the sphere (usually for storage). The sphere lasts for one day, unless life-force is sacrificed to make it permanent.

03. Cantrip
Passing fancy
– For the next half-hour after this spell is cast, the recipient can perform any number of tiny enchantments or other wee magical stunts: changing a smallish object’s colour, writing without ink, sorting small piles of objects instantly, creating a tiny Dramatic Breeze[tm], and so on.

04. Space
Fishing the sea of stars
– The target experiences what feels like 6 hrs. of mind-spinning travel through the blackness of the starry void, only to return after 6 minutes of time actually elapses. On that return, they have one of two options: 01. the revelation of a single secret 02. the concealment of a single secret — but are reeling and any activity is at half effectiveness until they rest fully.

05. Illusion
By the light of the moon
– This spell cloaks a subject in a full-senses illusion that may be cast in one of two ways: it may only reveals the truth in moonlight; or it may only activate the illusion in moonlight. Both versions otherwise look and detect identically, both last for four cycles of the moon.

06. Shadow
Gotta wear shade
– The recipient of this spell is, for 4 hours, always cast in a soft shadow, as if under a parasol; just enough to stay cooler in summer, look a bit more Mysterious[tm], and protect photosensitive individuals from too-harsh light.

07. Flora
– The target of this spell can do nothing but struggle for breath and cough up rose petals for the next 2d8 minutes, courtesy of the eldritch growths coiling swiftly in their lungs.

08. Light
Lure of the lost
– This spell conjures a globe of light a handspan across that is barely visible to the living — but is a glorious beacon to the undead, who will follow it wherever it may drift. The globe may be controlled by the caster up to 200′ away, then it simply drifts on its own if it strays further. It lasts for 1 hour.

09. Undead
Kiss of the grave
– Once infused with the baleful energies of this spell, the target — which must be living at the time — effectively becomes undead for the next 24 hours. There are no lifesigns, they take on all unliving vulnerabilities, they are immune to disease or poison (though may carry it). The caster decides if the target must also contend with putrefaction.

10. Water
Wishing well
– A single casting of this spell (on a body of water at least the size of a large keg) appears to do nothing. However, at any time over the next two days, a second casting — on a different water source of any size — will cause the next object dropped into said water source to be instantly transported inside of the first.

11. Enchanting
A brief respite
– For four hours after this spell is cast, all within a 50′ radius feel their anxiety and pain lifting away if they so wish. It is impossible to begin aggressive actions within the spell’s effects, but it cannot be cast to instantly halt hostilities.

12. Fauna
Piper’s call
– Choose a specific location or topographical feature within eyesight (a building, a specific field, etc); all animals dog-sized and smaller within that place flock to the caster and will carry out a single requested task.

13. Widespread
Hehet’s dilation
– On its own, this spell appears to do nothing but eat up its caster’s effort. What it does is modify the next spell they cast — it will increase that spell’s potential subjects by a factor of four, or increase duration by same, depending on appropriateness.

14. Transmute
Traveler’s joy
– Maybe not actually ‘joy’, exactly, but useful to traveler’s nonetheless: casting this spell on food stores converts them to imperishable, edible ‘rations’ of some standard shape (often cubes) and indeterminately sweet or savoury, at a ratio of 3 : 1 “meals”.

15. Urban
– With a token from a location type (wood from a tavern sign, etc) in hand, casting this spell causes a ribbon of light — visible only to the caster — to lead towards examples of such locations for the next four hours. Quality not guaranteed.

16. Ice
– The recipient of this spell can walk (or skate, if they wish) across the surface of snow, ice, frost and similar, no matter how soft or deep, as if moving across level, familiar ground.

17. Psionics
– For the next hour, thought patterns can be detected — not the specifics, but the presence of sapient thought or sentient awareness, and which of the two, within 60′.

18. Colourful
A glimmer in the eye
– Casting this spell reproduces a single image or tableau drawn from memory, imprinting it on a chosen surface as a vibrant illustration, appearing as watercolours, abstract shapes, naturalism, or whatever else the caster desires. The image is permanent but not indestructible; the memory is not lost.

19. Summoning
Call of the wild
– This spell sends out an appeal through unseen realms. 1d6 minutes later a spectral beast appears; smoky and insubstantial, it will perform one of the following tasks in return for a suitable gift: heal an injury, track a target, bring (or sacrifice) sustenance, or answer one question relevant to its natural and symbolic environments.

20. Earth
Stone cradle
– The subject sinks deep into the earth, whether soil, stone or both, to a depth of at least six feet. While enclosed, they are suspended inanimate in protective earth-energies, and will emerge 24 hours later free of poison, illness, fatigue, injury, and malignant influence. While enclose the subject cannot be communicated with.

21. Time
Finding past heartbeats
– Standing quietly, the caster feels as if time runs backwards; for a span of twelve hours — compressed into twelve minutes — they may observe what happened in their present location, no larger than a single chamber or discrete area. This dive through time is disorienting for the following hour.

22. Chaotic
Leap of faith
– When absolutely needing to get out of where you are right now, this spell will transport the caster and all applicable companions to a known place of safety — but there’s no way to predict just which place that will be, only that it’s known and currently safe.

23. Wind
Tamer of gales
– A situational spell, requiring an active storm or at least gale-force winds — which are promptly redirected as the caster wills for the next four hours. The storm cannot be dissipated, only channeled.

24. Cultural
– When experiencing a new society or culture, casting this spell grants a working knowledge of its foundational beliefs (you won’t debate philosophy, but you can avoid embarrassing yourself in public). The choice can always be made to instead affect oneself and delve into the weave of one’s on culture to reveal one nugget of ancestral history, for the price of a solid day’s rest.

25. Whimsy
– For the next 30 minutes, within 100′ of the caster all weapons used to attack at all will look like giant flowers, all non-tangible attacks such as spells produce petals and glitter, and no actual injury is taken. This may not be appreciated by the affected parties.

26. Divination
Key charm
– This spell will instantly impart the knowledge of a single object’s location, so long as it belongs to the caster or to the subject who has requested the spell be cast. Easy access not guaranteed.

27. Curse
Butcher’s bane
– Cast on any who have taken the life of a thinking victim out of callousness, malice or indifference, this spell conjures the shades of the slaughtered to whisper in the target’s mind incessantly — and jolts them with agony, forcing inaction, whenever they attempt violence once again.

28. Epic
Spires to heaven
– At the cost of one’s vital force, one may raise wonders. A quarter of the caster’s life and a sprawling palace — of luminescent milk-crystal, forbidding basalt, or stranger things — sprouts from the earth; one-half, and a sprawling palace town; three-quarters, a magnificent metropolis …

29. Seasonal
The wheel turns
– Cast over a cultivated area up to 100 acres, a foraging range up to 100 miles sq., or a community of up to 500 people, this spell assures, if not over-full pantries, that no catastrophe will wipe away everything. Cast at morning on equinoxes, evening on solstices.

30. Fire
Purifying flame
– Up to 50′ square is enveloped in golden flames that roar skyward and die down in an instant — wherever the fires touched, dead or decaying things are gone, spirits are renewed, fatigue is banished, and corrupts or malignant sorceries are disrupted.

31. free space – Bulwark
Last chance
– Once cast, this spell is held in abeyance until its subject is in sure peril; then it activates and averts that peril (nullifying injury, blocking mental control, changing the fall of the dice, etc). Alas, fate is not thwarted easily; the next peril cannot be avoided.