36 (d66) Spells

This is what happens when I’m trying to jumpstart my brain, I guess? *lol*

11. Traveler’s Drop:  Conjure a glassy bead roughly the size of a thumbnail, in any colour or pattern desired.  When worn prominently, protects the wearer against mundane mishaps while traveling for three days.  You cannot have more than three drops active at once.

12. Stoneflower Emulation:  Transmute yourself or another into a dormant, hibernating form reminiscent of a low boulder or clutch of greyish stones.  You may “sleep” like this, unaging, until a designated time has elapsed (no more than a year) or until water soaks all around the “stone”.

13. The Stars To Guide You:  Designate a star or constellation of stars; once a week, so long as the stars may be seen, you may ask a single questions or be guided in a specific direction until sunrise.  The stars see much, but are at a remove from the world; consider their responses carefully.  The spell lasts a season.

14. Heart Of The Beast:  Cast this spell on a slain monster’s heart (or reasonably equivalent organ or portion), then consume it.  At any time, you may take the devoured creature’s shape, once, for 10 minutes.  You will retain some physical mark of this transformation afterwards.

15. Wallflower:  For the next hour, provided they move as little as possible, the target of this spell is just more furniture or ornament to anyone viewing them; they are seen, but simply do not register.  (changing places or positions while someone’s back is turned is fine.)

16. Sweetveil:  A filmy, silky ribbon of power drifts around one’s shoulders, to be wrapped around one’s head and face; it blocks miasma, mundane or otherwise, and allows breathing in all environments for 2 hours.

21. Fish Out Of Water:  For the next seven days, the target must fully immerse themselves in water for at least two hours a day or be incapacitated, all efforts having a 50% chance of failure.  The spell doesn’t grant water breathing, but keeping one’s face wet will do.

22. Vista:  Up to six individuals touch a document – not necessarily a book, any form of recording knowledge will do – as the spell is cast.  All involved will see the contents of the document play out vividly in their mind as if unfolding before their eyes, and somehow all within an hour at most.  The spell does not, alas, guarantee comprehension.

23. Tif’s Bluebonnet:  Conjures a cap – or if you prefer, an actual bonnet – of shimmering sky-blue shining “fabric” onto the head.  In the next conflict, all projectiles will unerringly aim for – and hit, harmlessly – the bonnet.  This is often rather traumatic for the wearer!  So, it only works once a day.

24. Drawn From The Soul:  A personal weapon spell.  The first time it is cast, choose the following: shape, appearance, physical state, an elemental damage type if desired, and a physical bane (for example, a hard-light, golden shortbow that looks like flame, deals lighting damage and is wolf-bane).  Whenever subsequently cast, the weapon will always take the chosen form; it lasts for 8 actions.  Its standard abilities are longsword damage, longbow range if applicable, and doubles damage against its bane.

25. Personal Web Assistant:  Conjures a surprisingly graceful, metallic spider from another realm to serve the caster or a designated recipient faithfully for 6 hours.  The spider-construct does not fight, but it is the size of a kitten to a collie (as desired), can record conversations or take physical notes (expressing them onto resinous “silk” sheets), manipulate tools, scout or carry messages, and haul 10-50 lbs. depending on size.  It does dutifully report its activities to its otherworldly superiors when its shift is over.

26. This Is The Place:  Cast this spell on a deliberately crafted cairn, monument, begarlanded area, or any other place dedicated to a specific, notable entity.  If a deity (or similar entity), they directly hear any pleas and receive doubled offerings; if mortal, they feel invigorated (doubled chances to succeed) and receive strange sweet rations from the aether which are the pleas and prayers; this effect remains on the physical locale for one day.  Godlings have been known to be created from consistent usage of this spell, for good or ill.

31. Scribework Distillation:  With a specially prepared phial or bottle in hand, the caster holds a text above its mouth and casts this spell, and the entire contents of the pages slide off and drain into the phial.  Once sealed, it may be carried indefinitely; poured over a blank volume, it restores the contents (allowing for changes in size).  Shattering a phial loses the contents in a splash of iridescent ink.

32. Skyclad:  Absolutely a spell for appearance’s sake, when cast onto an article of clothing, that clothing takes on the appearance of the sky, shifting as the sky does – brilliant azure, stormy greys, aflame with sunset, and so on.  Duration depends on clothing area, from 12 hours for a scarf to 2 for a fancy formal gown.

33. Far-Roamer:  Conjures up an ephemeral spirit (with any appearance desired), capable of performing any of the following assigned tasks: carry a message, find an individual and report back, bring back a message.  The spirit can travel unseen, and is as fast as an eagle.  It is possible that the spell duration (4 hours) runs out before the roamer completes its task(s); the caster will know if it dissolves unfinished.

34. Tiny Grass Is Dreaming:  In a 30’ radius, the ground – even flooring – slowly grows a carpet of lush, soft green grass over the next 1d4 minutes.  All remaining inside the area of the grass when it has finished growing feel a gentle sleepiness coming over them; all who don’t fight it sleep for an hour and wake refreshed as a full night’s rest, calm, and having shared a dream of quiet cohabitation and happiness.

35. Plaguepurge:  Draws illness out of a target in the form of a twisted, diabolical creature which the subject must defeat to be cured; a cold may be a small verminous creature, a life-threatening sickness like unto anything from a bear to a dragon.  Others may lend aid, but the patient must land the finishing blow.

36. Pocket In The Glass:  Erects a comfortable work(“work”)place in a wrinkle in the world.  From the outside, a door-height hairline of light; on the inside 100’ sq. of work-tables, illuminator’s desks, fountain, couches, and two small facilities of the caster’s choice, from a silversmith’s bench to a potter’s wheel, all contained in what appears to be a glass-walled hall with a sprawling vista beyond.  Access to the pocket lasts 6 hours, and objects created inside may be removed but the conjured tools cannot.

41. Iahi’s Scintillating Lace:  Covers up to 20’ sq. in a plane – even if midair – in an intricate pattern of floral lacework in constantly shifting, brilliant colours.  Just seeing the lace mesmerizes for 1-10 minutes; touching it causes injury like a dagger, lacy welts appearing on the flesh.  Lasts 1d4 hours.

42. Moonmilk:  Cast on at least a flask of milk under the full moon, creating a luminescent draft that prevents contracting lycanthropy (or represses its effects) for a single night if consumed in total.  The drinker’s eyes give off a faint moonlight glow while the effect is active.

43. Rainsaint’s Mantle:  Creates a cooling, enfolding mantle (with hood, if desired) of raindrops, like a silk-fine fabric of rain that never actually soaks you.  While wearing the mantle, hot or desiccating environments cause no distress, and heat and fire damage is halved.  The mantle lasts 4 hours, but may be dismissed earlier to grant the water to completely quench another’s thirst.

44. Final Wish Whispered:  Designate a recipient for the spell; the other target is the caster.  If the caster is killed in the next 24 hours – or another fate specified during casting occurs – the other party instantly knows of the death and any other vital bits of information the caster wished to pass along, up to six discrete details.

45. Narah’s Clubhouse Code:  Trace a special sigil onto the skin of up to six people, including the caster if desired.  For the next 48 hours, all those marked can leave sorcerous markings of up to six letters, glyphs or small doodles on any surface, just by tracing their fingertips, and only those marked by the spell can see them.

46. Viridian Harvester’s Talons:  The subject’s hands (or equivalent) warp into green-bronze, scaled talons with biliously emerald claws.  Any creature struck by the talons takes damage as by a shortsword – and calves away a cubed ration of disturbingly jerky-like, faintly sweet nutriment.  (a plant may provide something more vegetal.  maybe.)  The talons persist for five attacks or other actions.  It’s good for you!  Honest!

51. Torchbearer’s Warding:  Cast on a lit torch, this spell lies dormant but ready until the torchbearer is attacked.  Then a coiling, prickly, smoky tentacle erupts from the torch like an enraged serpent to slash at the assailant – up to 15’ away – with burning fangs that injure like a shortsword.  The spell can be cast on a lantern, but will only cause dagger damage.  It must be recast after a conflict in which it was triggered.

52. Bonethorns:  The target’s skeleton erupts in scores of hand-length, viciously sharp thorns – or appears to, as the caster prefers.  If real, the target may deal unarmed damage as a longsword and gain chainmail-equivalent protection, but the pain leaves them able to act only half as often; if illusion, only a boost to intimidation and fear effects is granted, forcing opponents to test their resolve to fight.  The spell lasts 4 actions regardless.

53. Brassbite:  Any lock or similar mechanism enchanted by this spell will sprout strange grinding fangs inside its mechanism – and will cut and shear through the next key, probe or other tool inserted, unless it was touched to the lock while the spell was being cast.

54. Hutling Dasher:  It may not hoist an actual hut, it’s true, but this spell does grant strong clawed birdie legs to anything that carries things, from barrel-sized to a respectable wagon, allowing it to travel at horse-speed for 8 hours total. (you can take breaks.)  The spell causes the legs to lower the “body” safely before disappearing when the spell ends.

55. Trembling Candle:  This spell may either enchant a real, burning candle, or create a tiny, floating candle flame.  Regardless of choice, the caster designates up to four subjects present when the spell is cast; the flame will change colours, to the caster’s eyes, to reflect the emotional state of the subject(s).  Lasts 2 hours or until the candle is snuffed out.

56. Kaleidoflutter:  Fills a 20’ radius area with fluttering, clinging, baffling butterflies in a riot of colours that flock over 3d4 targets within the area of effect.  Victims mobbed by the butterflies move at half speed and are effectively blinded.  Lasts for 10 minutes.

61. Aka’s Equilibrium:  This spell grants a brief preternatural insight into whatever the recipient is currently attempting or experiencing, allowing a series of instinctive adjustments as they work.  One test or similar action, may be reattempted, the outcome now assured.  May only be used once a day per individual, because so many perceptions strain the senses.

62. Wrapped With A Bow:  Swathes up to 10 sq. feet in a tough, satiny substance, tucking whatever is contained into the optimally compact shape for easy transport. (yes, you can add an actual bow.)  The content’s freshness, if applicable, is quadrupled in duration.  Do not attempt on living beings (fails, gets gross); cut free with a sharp knife.

63. Comforting Calm:  A soothing sort of warm fuzziness settles over all in eyeshot, like receiving the equivalent of a welcome hug.  Fear effects and other adverse emotional influences are removed, and – pending the caster’s and others’ behaviours – a far more positive reaction from an encounter may be achieved.  This spell is also known as let’s-be-friends.

64. Morma’s Patches:  Breaks down any sort of discarded material – preferably but not necessarily organic – and magically weaves, sews and felts it together into a particolour, patchwork blanket of surprising warmth and ruggedness.  The blanket lasts for 8 hours, or is permanent if honestly given away as a gift to another in need.

65. Othni’s Burrow:  Digs a burrow up to 4’ wide and 12’ long, in any direction, through any material, be it earth, stone, sea, or most anything else.  Even the air, but good luck finding it.  The burrow is sound, ends in a blunt, rounded chamber slightly wider than the burrow itself, and lasts 8 hours.

66. A Bit Of Green In The Dark:  Sprouts a seedling no more than an inch tall, nestled in a translucent sphere half-filled with soil.  It can be watered by resting the sphere in the water; it will hover around the caster or whoever the spell was cast for.  So long as the seedling is tended and is not destroyed, its tender cannot be targeted by negative mental influences.  Over the span of a month it grows into … well, many possible things, depending on its treatment.

And also! These spells are released under Creative Commons — CC-BY 4.0!
Which means you can use use them in your own stuff, as long as I’m credited (or credited for the original I spose, if you radically remix —

36 Spells by taichara © 2023 by taichara is licensed under CC BY 4.0 

Seasonal Spells

Been fighting creative blocks for a while now — I mean, a lot of folks are, I daresay — and it’s been frustrating getting stuck in cycle after cycle of have idea -> ponder idea -> get stuck -> stew in own juices -> get another idea to add to pile -> infinitum.

But this one, I got through the block! Yay!

So here are 48 rules-light-style spells; twelve spells for each season.
(these are the seasons as I think of them; I’m not claiming some season-primacy here yo)
They’re formatted for pocketrpg but it should be pretty easy to suss them out and adapt them to other level-less rules light systems — and if you don’t want to take the seasonal route, just mix em’ up anyway —

Options: Someone who learns from a season cannot learn its “opposite”; someone who learns from a season can learn no other season’s magic, but may acquire non-seasonal magics freely


01. Coldsleep: The chill of the season falls. Living beings Nearby fall asleep until warmed.
02. Be Still: Sorcerous cold stiffens flesh and unliving matter both, forcing target into frozen stasis for 1d4 hrs. (spend Essence to extend duration; 1/day – week – month)
03. Hoarfrost: Coats an area up to Far Away in glittering frost; reveals illusions, spirits and invisible creatures, and places tests against Winter magic at Disadvantage for 1d6 actions.
04. Icedrop Clarity: Target must still for at least one action; then an actionable answer to one question, decision or puzzle unfolds in mind’s eye. Advantage on next related action.
05. Night Unending: Cloaks area no larger than one farm in cold darkness, as if the sun never rises. 2d4 days. 1 Essence.
06. Shivering Cloak: Wraps subject in silvery white aura, halving all harm from heat, fire, or mental addling for 2 hrs.
07. The Calm Of Snowfall: Beings Nearby are overcome by the still silence of winter and must make Psyche checks at Disadvantage to act. 2d6 actions.
08. Diamond Dust: Flurry of glittering icy particles, sharp as razors, inflict 1d4 damage on 2d4 targets that are Nearby.
09. Icereaver: Conjures a sword or other bladed weapon of steel-strong ice, which deals an extra 1d2 damage from cold in addition to normal damage or stuns a struck target, costing them their next action. 2d6 actions.
10. Frozen Poise: As cool and precise as an ice sculpture, the subject gains +2 for all attributes when testing in social interactions where poise and calm clarity are of value. 2 hrs.
11. Long Cold Winter: Extinguish all sources of heat and light within visual range. They remain extinguished for 24 hrs. 1 Essence.
12. Whiteout: Cloak all in visual range in a blizzard that makes travel impossible and limits vision to 1d6x10′ at any given time. 4d4 hrs. 1 Essence.


01. Refreshing Flutter: In a rippling breeze, the subject is like new: cleaned, groomed, small blemishes or hurts healed, and energized to boot, with +1 to their next action.
02. Hope Brings Rain: Calls the rains down within visual range for 1d8 hrs; choose the rainfall amount wisely! — with a 1-in6 chance of a destuctive downpour regardless of intent.
03. Awakening: Pale rose-green energies invigorate up to 2d3 allies, granting them an extra action.
04. Verdant Renewal: Cause plants (even seeds) which are Here to gain a month’s growth, or a tree to burst into foliage and blossoms.
05. Brightbolt: Sudden lightning strike deals 1d8 damage to chosen target, even Far Away.
06. Mists Of Springtide: Cloaks an area up to Far Away in gentle mists that grant Advantage on cover and sneaking to all within them. 1d4 hrs.
07. The Sweetest Draught: Draw from a blossom or cluster of blossoms at least the size of one’s fist enough nectar to fill a small waterskin. Becomes alcoholic by the next day.
08. Threads Of Beginnings: Glance at a living creature and divine its place of origin and either two facts about its ancestry or what action it is currently likely to take in the future.
09. Whims Of Life: Cure, or cause, disease in one living being.
10. Cleansing: Immediately discern (by caster’s standards) the subjective and objective value, usage and proper placement of all objects within one room or equivalent area — and have them sorted, if needed.
11. Sprightly Returns: Energize self and up to 2d3 allies to travel twice as far before needing rest. Yes, this cerulean-green enchantment will also affect vehicles. 1 Essence.
12. Flowering Whispers: Whirls of creamy petals and golden dust leave 2d6 targets Nearby coughing and sneezing for 2d4 actions, able only to defend (and they still feel miserable for 2d6 hrs afterward).


01. Endless Day: Cloaks area no larger than one farm in warm daylight like high noon in summer. 2d4 days. 1 Essence.
02. Wildfire: Choose — either 2d6 Nearby targets take 1d8 damage from fire, or terrain up to house-size ignites. You cannot control the latter once unleashed. 1 Essence.
03. Heatwave: Addle 1d4 targets with warmth, leaving them confused and disoriented for 2d10 minutes or until cooled.
04. Tending Bounty: Designate one discrete location or subject. For the next 24 hrs, be aware of the condition of your chosen subject, and what it might need, whenever you wish.
05. Venomscourge: Burn out a poison or toxin.
06. Castles In The Sky: Create a detailed illusion that covers as much as 50′ cubed, or convince up to 8 subjects of a vague mirage off on the horizon. 1d6 hrs.
07. To Your Health: Subject heals 2d3 Essence.
08. Zenith: Subject impresses all who see them, appearing as in the prime of life; grants +2 to relevant attributes on tests involving raucousness, joyful gatherings, and jocularity in general. 2 hrs.
09. Sunstroke: Inflict fever on a subject, leaving them at Disadvantage for all tests for 2d4 hrs or until sucessfull treated.
10. Raise The Roof: Breath of tawny-green energies infuses up to 8 individuals; work produced is completed in 1/3 of normal rate, if it involves constructing or creating physical objects or the net result could be considered ‘bounty’ in any form. 24 hrs. 1 Essence.
11. Sky-Devouring Swarm: Calls swarm of terrible tiny bitey bugs (blackflies, skeeters, noseeums, midges) which promptly descend, like they do. Designated Nearby targets lose an action and 1d2 Essence, and itch like the blazes afterwards.
12. Sunshiny Day: Create a brightly coloured token reflective of a pleasant memory, which may be shared with or gifted to another to share that memory. Being so reminded eases any mental or emotional malisons for a day.


01. Witherblast: Bolt of orange-red energy deals 1d4 Essence to chosen target and halves effective Body until target consumes a day’s worth of sustenance (not necessarily all at once).
02. Hunter’s Thread: Choose a general subject, bunnies to boletes, with token in hand (or make one); for the next 8 hrs, sense the direction of the closest example of that subject.
03. Concealing Brilliance: Clashing enchanted colours paradoxically make the subject effectively invisible. Or, simply change the colour of an inanimate object. (2d10 minutes/permanent)
04. Galeforce: Summon tempest-strong winds to batter and scour up to 10 miles for 1d6 hrs. 1 Essence.
05. Scarlet Wisdom Prudence: Envelop up to 2′ cubed of material in conjured, dull-scarlet stoneware-like material. The contents will remain fresh as the moment they were stored until the seal is broken and the lid lifted, then time proceeds as expected.
06. Knackery: Convert any carcass into 3d6 meals’ worth of portable, completely edible, nondescript “iron rations”. Carcass choice may cause some commentary, depending.
07. Cull The Weak: Determine the most vulnerable of all Nearby being, ranking all present. Learn the exact vulnerability of the weakest.
08. Stitch-In-Time: Divine answer to one question, so long as it involved preparation against the future or future events.
09. Scarecrow: Conjures a phantasm of shadow and broken straw, painted bones and tattered rags; 3d4 Nearby subjects flee or cower in fear.
10. Golden Sacrifice: Blood a willing subject; another subject heals the amount of Essence the subject loses. Willing subject may be the caster.
11. Flicker: Choose up to three general subjects, spirits included; subject becomes a beacon or lure for them for 4 hrs.
12. Harvest Token: Infuse a small object with crimson-gold sorcery, producing one of the following when token is used: sustenance (a full meal); comfort (protection from environment, 12 hrs); blessing (reroll once, or otherwise escape one dire circumstance). 1 Essence. You cannot possess more than one enchanted token at a time.

Dicember 2021 – night

A delicate collection of slightly fraying scrolls; velvety black cotton paper, picked out in inks of white and silver and palest electrum and deep dark blues; bundled in wolfhide, or packed in a willow-withe basket, or sealed in a silver casket as round as the moon.

These are the remaining sorcerous works of Kha’heba, Whisper Of Midnight.

01. Eyes Of The Night: Under natural night-time darkness, see with perfect clarity; enchantments are limned with moonlight. Lasts until sunrise.
02. Mothlure: Designate an object and a type of target (elves, skeletons, moths); all in a mile’s range are drawn to the object. 8 hrs or until sunrise.
03. Midnight’s Stroke: Semi-corporeal blue-black weapon that does no damage but stuns those attacked into inaction for 1d6 missed actions. 1d8 min.
04. Afraid Of The Dark: Target is -2 on all tests/rolls at night or in darkness; unnerved and jumpy. Three days or until hex is lifted.
05. Nightcloak: Covers 100′ sq. area in soft nighttime darkness; allies are refreshed and all gain one extra action before spell ends, antagonists must check morale. 10 min.
06. Dreamless Sleep: Target falls into unwakeable slumber for eight hours, wakes healed and cleansed of disease/poison, but at Disadvantage for a day due to disorientation.
07. The Eternal River: Travel at riverboat pace for the night towards destination, along the river of stars. Ends at sunrise.
08. Night’s Watch: Calls small creatures — moths, bats, mice, cats — to stand as a warning system, alerting caster to danger or unusual activity nearby. 6 hrs.

Spelltober 2021

Much like Monstober, I’m going to try to tackle as much as I can of Spelltober, which uses this prompt list from Spell Generator @ Twitter. (yes, yes, I know — and there’s one more set of prompts to go! but I have to start that one late[r], alas.)

I’m sticking with my short and fairly generic pocketrpg/TBH/rules-lite/0e D&D-ish hybrid tactics, because that’s probably easiest to fill out and adapt as well as quicker to write, lol. ;3

01. Spark
– Touch a target, living or non; the next time metal touches it, a burst of bright-coloured sparks will (choose at casting, else random):
01. cause 1d4 lightning damage
02. blind for 10 minutes
03. ruin the metal object
04. spell out a message of ten words or less.

02. Orb
Tauvra’s shelter
– Shapes a hollow sphere up to 20′ across from available material — soil, stone, living plants, brickwork, canvas — and phases it halfway into the ground without disrupting the terrain. The interior is accessed by a single round hatch; inside are several ledges for sitting and sleeping, and a hatch into the lower half of the sphere (usually for storage). The sphere lasts for one day, unless life-force is sacrificed to make it permanent.

03. Cantrip
Passing fancy
– For the next half-hour after this spell is cast, the recipient can perform any number of tiny enchantments or other wee magical stunts: changing a smallish object’s colour, writing without ink, sorting small piles of objects instantly, creating a tiny Dramatic Breeze[tm], and so on.

04. Space
Fishing the sea of stars
– The target experiences what feels like 6 hrs. of mind-spinning travel through the blackness of the starry void, only to return after 6 minutes of time actually elapses. On that return, they have one of two options: 01. the revelation of a single secret 02. the concealment of a single secret — but are reeling and any activity is at half effectiveness until they rest fully.

05. Illusion
By the light of the moon
– This spell cloaks a subject in a full-senses illusion that may be cast in one of two ways: it may only reveals the truth in moonlight; or it may only activate the illusion in moonlight. Both versions otherwise look and detect identically, both last for four cycles of the moon.

06. Shadow
Gotta wear shade
– The recipient of this spell is, for 4 hours, always cast in a soft shadow, as if under a parasol; just enough to stay cooler in summer, look a bit more Mysterious[tm], and protect photosensitive individuals from too-harsh light.

07. Flora
– The target of this spell can do nothing but struggle for breath and cough up rose petals for the next 2d8 minutes, courtesy of the eldritch growths coiling swiftly in their lungs.

08. Light
Lure of the lost
– This spell conjures a globe of light a handspan across that is barely visible to the living — but is a glorious beacon to the undead, who will follow it wherever it may drift. The globe may be controlled by the caster up to 200′ away, then it simply drifts on its own if it strays further. It lasts for 1 hour.

09. Undead
Kiss of the grave
– Once infused with the baleful energies of this spell, the target — which must be living at the time — effectively becomes undead for the next 24 hours. There are no lifesigns, they take on all unliving vulnerabilities, they are immune to disease or poison (though may carry it). The caster decides if the target must also contend with putrefaction.

10. Water
Wishing well
– A single casting of this spell (on a body of water at least the size of a large keg) appears to do nothing. However, at any time over the next two days, a second casting — on a different water source of any size — will cause the next object dropped into said water source to be instantly transported inside of the first.

11. Enchanting
A brief respite
– For four hours after this spell is cast, all within a 50′ radius feel their anxiety and pain lifting away if they so wish. It is impossible to begin aggressive actions within the spell’s effects, but it cannot be cast to instantly halt hostilities.

12. Fauna
Piper’s call
– Choose a specific location or topographical feature within eyesight (a building, a specific field, etc); all animals dog-sized and smaller within that place flock to the caster and will carry out a single requested task.

13. Widespread
Hehet’s dilation
– On its own, this spell appears to do nothing but eat up its caster’s effort. What it does is modify the next spell they cast — it will increase that spell’s potential subjects by a factor of four, or increase duration by same, depending on appropriateness.

14. Transmute
Traveler’s joy
– Maybe not actually ‘joy’, exactly, but useful to traveler’s nonetheless: casting this spell on food stores converts them to imperishable, edible ‘rations’ of some standard shape (often cubes) and indeterminately sweet or savoury, at a ratio of 3 : 1 “meals”.

15. Urban
– With a token from a location type (wood from a tavern sign, etc) in hand, casting this spell causes a ribbon of light — visible only to the caster — to lead towards examples of such locations for the next four hours. Quality not guaranteed.

16. Ice
– The recipient of this spell can walk (or skate, if they wish) across the surface of snow, ice, frost and similar, no matter how soft or deep, as if moving across level, familiar ground.

17. Psionics
– For the next hour, thought patterns can be detected — not the specifics, but the presence of sapient thought or sentient awareness, and which of the two, within 60′.

18. Colourful
A glimmer in the eye
– Casting this spell reproduces a single image or tableau drawn from memory, imprinting it on a chosen surface as a vibrant illustration, appearing as watercolours, abstract shapes, naturalism, or whatever else the caster desires. The image is permanent but not indestructible; the memory is not lost.

19. Summoning
Call of the wild
– This spell sends out an appeal through unseen realms. 1d6 minutes later a spectral beast appears; smoky and insubstantial, it will perform one of the following tasks in return for a suitable gift: heal an injury, track a target, bring (or sacrifice) sustenance, or answer one question relevant to its natural and symbolic environments.

20. Earth
Stone cradle
– The subject sinks deep into the earth, whether soil, stone or both, to a depth of at least six feet. While enclosed, they are suspended inanimate in protective earth-energies, and will emerge 24 hours later free of poison, illness, fatigue, injury, and malignant influence. While enclose the subject cannot be communicated with.

21. Time
Finding past heartbeats
– Standing quietly, the caster feels as if time runs backwards; for a span of twelve hours — compressed into twelve minutes — they may observe what happened in their present location, no larger than a single chamber or discrete area. This dive through time is disorienting for the following hour.

22. Chaotic
Leap of faith
– When absolutely needing to get out of where you are right now, this spell will transport the caster and all applicable companions to a known place of safety — but there’s no way to predict just which place that will be, only that it’s known and currently safe.

23. Wind
Tamer of gales
– A situational spell, requiring an active storm or at least gale-force winds — which are promptly redirected as the caster wills for the next four hours. The storm cannot be dissipated, only channeled.

24. Cultural
– When experiencing a new society or culture, casting this spell grants a working knowledge of its foundational beliefs (you won’t debate philosophy, but you can avoid embarrassing yourself in public). The choice can always be made to instead affect oneself and delve into the weave of one’s on culture to reveal one nugget of ancestral history, for the price of a solid day’s rest.

25. Whimsy
– For the next 30 minutes, within 100′ of the caster all weapons used to attack at all will look like giant flowers, all non-tangible attacks such as spells produce petals and glitter, and no actual injury is taken. This may not be appreciated by the affected parties.

26. Divination
Key charm
– This spell will instantly impart the knowledge of a single object’s location, so long as it belongs to the caster or to the subject who has requested the spell be cast. Easy access not guaranteed.

27. Curse
Butcher’s bane
– Cast on any who have taken the life of a thinking victim out of callousness, malice or indifference, this spell conjures the shades of the slaughtered to whisper in the target’s mind incessantly — and jolts them with agony, forcing inaction, whenever they attempt violence once again.

28. Epic
Spires to heaven
– At the cost of one’s vital force, one may raise wonders. A quarter of the caster’s life and a sprawling palace — of luminescent milk-crystal, forbidding basalt, or stranger things — sprouts from the earth; one-half, and a sprawling palace town; three-quarters, a magnificent metropolis …

29. Seasonal
The wheel turns
– Cast over a cultivated area up to 100 acres, a foraging range up to 100 miles sq., or a community of up to 500 people, this spell assures, if not over-full pantries, that no catastrophe will wipe away everything. Cast at morning on equinoxes, evening on solstices.

30. Fire
Purifying flame
– Up to 50′ square is enveloped in golden flames that roar skyward and die down in an instant — wherever the fires touched, dead or decaying things are gone, spirits are renewed, fatigue is banished, and corrupts or malignant sorceries are disrupted.

31. free space – Bulwark
Last chance
– Once cast, this spell is held in abeyance until its subject is in sure peril; then it activates and averts that peril (nullifying injury, blocking mental control, changing the fall of the dice, etc). Alas, fate is not thwarted easily; the next peril cannot be avoided.

Some mini magical schools

Shamelessly inspired by having been digging at a venerable jrpg for months upon months at this point (lol), here are ten wee schools of magic, eight spells each.

There was some tweaking involved in setting these out, which was no surprise; magic doesn’t need as much “utility” in a jrpg. Or, I suppose, tabletop could use slightly more variety than “how to smite critters faster while making sure they they don’t smite you”, ha. Nonetheless, I think I kept the categories intact and adapted some key spells along the way.

Spells are all short and to the point, meant for for pocketrpg / The Black Hack / Knave / Cairn / similar such games, but with a detail or three could be added elsewhere without too much fuss, I imagine —

Opposing Schools: Eight of the ten have opposing schools, as follows:

Wind <-> Earth

Flame <-> Water

Light <-> Darkness

Mirage <-> Sorcery

Spirit and Wickedness do not oppose, despite being a “leftover pair”, and can be freely combined.


01. Windrazor: Focused blast of air does 1d6 damage.
02. Windcalling: Summons an air elemental [Average] to act on behalf of the summoner. 10 min. + 10 min./Essence spent.
03. Unseen Wings: Target gains ability to fly. 1d4 hrs.
04. Barrier Breeze: Enveloping cocoon of winds blocks 4 airborne attacks. 10 min.
05. Windwhisper: Message up to 5 min. long travels to chosen recipient on a tiny whispering breeze.
06. Tempest: 2d4 targets are struck by lightning and stormwinds for 1d4 damage.
07. Sparktouch: Imbues weapon with lightning; +1 damage, counts as lightning/wind damage. 5 turns.
08. Storm Frenzy: Speed of the storm grants two actions/turn. 2d6 turns. 1 Ess.


01. Weight of Stone: Target acts every second turn, moves at 1/2 speed. 2d4 minutes.
02. Calcify: Target turns to stone. 2 Essence.
03. Crystal Carapace: Increase Armour Points by 2. 1 hr.
04. Earthcalling: Summons an earth elemental [Average] to act on behalf of the summoner. 10 min. + 10 min./Essence spent.
05. Draw From The Earth: Regenerate 1 Essence/hr for 8 hrs; “phantom” Essence is lost from injury first, cannot fuel magic, and is lost when duration ends.
06. Diamond Edge: Next physical attack does max damage. 1 Essence.
07. Earthhome: Raises earth and stone shelter for up to 6 individuals. 8 hrs.
08. Bounty: Conjures basic foodstuffs for one meal. (stops working for individual after 1d4 days unless they get mundane food.)


01. Flamegout: Ribbon of flame does 1d6+1 damage.
02. Hearthfires: Subject is immune to cold damage for 1 hr, or ambient warmth is created in Nearby radius. 2d4 hrs.
03. Firetouch: Imbues weapon with fire energy; +1 damage, counts as flame damage. 10 min.
04. Coronal Coronet: Flame aura deals 1d3 fire damage to next 2 sources of injury. 1 hr or until triggered.
05. Flamecalling: Summons a fire elemental [Average] to act on behalf of summoner. 10 min. + 10 min./Essence spent.
06. Immolation: 1d6 fire damage to all within Nearby range. 1 Essence.
07. Memory of Ashes: Instantly incinerate a target. 2 Essence.
08. Burnfever: Heals subject of illness, mundane or magical.


01. Torrent: Blast of water does 1d6 damage.
02. Wavecalling: Summons a water elemental [Average] to act on behalf of summoner. 10 min. + 10 min./Essence spent.
03. Mire: Waterlogs area up to Nearby range, slowing physical actions to every other turn. 2d8 turns. 1 Essence.
04. Purifying Font: Cleanses one subject of poison, or renders tainted supplies edible/drinkable.
05. Glacial: Ice shards inflict 1d6 damage to all in Nearby range. 1 Essence.
06. Frostmantle: Subject is immune to heat damage for 1 hr, or ambient coolness is created in Nearby radius. 2d4 hrs.
07. Vital Rain: Conjures healing waters, 1d4 Essence.
08. Underwave: Breathe water, swim as easily as walking. 4 hrs.


01. Heartlight: Remove mental or emotional duress and debuffs from target, or grant +1 to Psyche to resist next such influence.
02. Day’s Truth: Sense deliberate lies or obfuscations. 10 min.
03. Lantern: Create light (of chosen colour) as strong as a lantern, either stationary or following target. 6 hrs.
04. Suntouched: Heal 1d4+1 Essence.
05. Starburst: Deal 1d4+1 light damage.
06. Moonblade: Summon weapon of pale glittering light; Advantage on attacks, 1d8+1 damage, lasts 4 turns. 2 Essence.
07. Revelation: Cures subject of blindness, paralysis, and similar restrictions.
08. Clarity: Waves of blinding light deal 1d6 damage to 2d8 targets. 1 Essence.


01. Shadowbind: Paralyzes target with shadowy coils. 2d4 turns.
02. Afraid Of The Dark: 1d4 subjects are struck with terror and try to flee.
03. Black Curtain: Cloaks Nearby area in darkness. 6 hrs.
04. Deny The Light: Target is blinded. 2d4 hrs, or until dispelled/treated if 1 Essence spent.
05. Darkblade: Summon weapon of utter darkness; Advantage on attacks, 1d8+1 damage, lasts 4 turns. 2 Essence.
06. Despair: Inflicts Disadvantage on target’s next test.
07. Shadowpuppet: Turn target’s shadow against them; will attack target as [Average] antagonist, dealing 1d4 damage if defeated. 6 turns.
08. Shadowalk: Step into darkness, come out in another shadow or darkness up to Far Away range. 1 Essence.


01. Unseen Passage: Subject turns invisible. 2d8 min.
02. Dreamtime: Send 2d4 targets to sleep. 1 hr or until woken up.
03. Misdirection: Subject will choose wrong target for own actions, believing choice correct, for next 3 actions.
04. Phantasm: Create illusionary object or location, up to size of large chamber. 4 hrs.
05. Masque: Change outward appearance or create intangible copy of subject. 2 hrs. or until masque is touched.
06. Daze: Target is confused and wanders aimlessly. 5 min.
07. Piercing Unreality: Dispel illusions, enchantments, magical barriers.
08. Labyrinth: Target is convinced they are trapped in a maze, left in fugue state. 1 Essence.


01. Mystic Bolt: Bolt of energy deals 1d3 damage, no save.
02. Sorcerer’s Shawl: Subject is cloaked in magic field that absorbs 8 Essence of damage before dissipating.
03. Powerfont: Boost damage from an ally’s next spell by half again, or double the duration of their non-battle spell. 1 Essence.
04. Reading The Past: Touch an object, discover last purposes and owner.
05. Counterspell: Shuts down next incoming magic; can undo magic just cast (current or previous turn) for 1 Essence.
06. Energy Storm: Deals 1d3 damage to all in Nearby range, no save.
07. Baneward: Create magic trap that does 1d4 damage when triggered. 24 hrs.
08. Sorcerer’s Sight: Choose to sense magic, illusions, or spirits. 10 min.


01. A Burden Shared: Take on some or all of another’s injuries.
02. Insight: Grants Advantage on next test.
03. Weight Of A Soul: Immobilize 1d6+1 targets. 1d4 turns.
04. Castigate: Target becomes non-hostile (unless Psyche test is successful; then are probably enraged).
05. Warding: Declare area up to Nearby range impassable by specific entity or creature type. 1 Essence. 8 hrs.
06. Soulflame: 1d10 damage to target up to Far Away, no save. 2 Essence.
07. Heartreading: Discern subject’s intentions in a general sense (friendly, suspicious, etc).
08. Crucible: Halve incoming damage. 1 Essence. 4 turns.


01. Dead Walking: Animate corpse or skeleton; uses deceased’s attibutes.
02. Crawling Blight: Poisons target, 1d4 damage/turn. 1 Essence. 6 turns.
03. Curse of Spite: Halves target’s attributes. 1 hr. (2 Essence: until dispelled)
04. Soul Siphon: Inflict 1d6 damage on target, gaining damage dealt as Essence.
05. Wracking: Stun 2d6 targets for one turn.
06. Blackened Wounds: Next attack on subject will continue to bleed, 1 Essence/turn, until treated.
07. Bleak Marionette: Target comes under caster’s control; takes 1 damage/min. until out of Essence or control is lifted/broken.
08. Nadir: All non-Wickedness magic Nearby requires +1 Essence surcharge. 2 Essence. 1 day.

Some Inspirational Spell Shard Tables

When you’re coming up empty and you need a idea for a spell, sometimes a few word prompts help; some inspirational snips and shards you can recombine.  That’s where these tables come in.

Naturally, there’s the more involved way and the less involved way:

More Involved: Roll 1d3+1 for the number of prompts to combine, then 1d4 to determine which tables, then 1d10 on each table.

Less Involved: Pick how many prompts you want and then roll on whatever tables you like.  Or just pick your prompts and smash them together, that works just fine —

All prompts, of course, to be taken as literally or metaphorically or just-vaguely-related-ly as you like ;3

Table 01Table 02Table 03Table 04
01. bone01. shadow01. finding01. shape
02. blood02. night02. vision02. confine
03. sun03. moon03. curse03. mind
04. ash04. earth04. blessing04. dream
05. flame05. storm05. wither05. touch
06. plant06. talon06. mend06. protect
07. thorn07. ice07. travel07. sunder
08. sea08. glass08. strength08. cocoon
09. salt09. steel09. decipher09. preserve
10. gold10. light10. conceal10. fear
substituting related words/concepts: also totally cool

And here are some example spells prompted by combos of some of the above shards —

01 – Threefold Warding: Inking three dots of kohl or ochre on the inside of each wrist (or equivalent) prevents hexes or curses or other eldritch blights from taking hold; each time a curse is thwarted, a dot burns from each wrist and leaves a wound. (curse + protect)

02 – Grand Voyage: For the next six hours, a subject and all that they travel with, up to a small cart, cross distance as follows — four times their speed on land, unhindered by terrain; twice land speed on water, even without a vessel; and, should sunbeams, lighthouses, rainbows and stranger things permit, traveling beams of light as if solid ground. (earth + sea + travel + light)

03 – Elephant Existence: One object or individual cannot be described or even comprehended as a whole for 1d6 hours. Individual attributes may be relayed, but a coherent whole description simply will not come together. (shape + conceal)

04 – Actinic Brambles: An area up to 10 metres in diameter erupts in crackling, clinging briars of semi-tangible stormcloud for the next ten minutes. Anything and anyone already in the area, even if invisible or intangible, is limned with a pale glow; anything or anyone that moves is jolted with lightning. (storm + light + thorn)

05 – Blind ‘Pillar’s Travel: Chart your course in your mind and be enveloped in rough silk that cushions you — which is good, because you are not staying upright any longer — and lulls you into a drowsy sense of comfort. While you rest, the silky cocoon sprouts many pairs of strong spurred claws and sets off on the path, walking, climbing, scaling stone, and contending with all obstacles (including fighting with those claws if necessary) . Unfortunately you are aware of nothing outside until you reach your destination or the cocoon is destroyed; but you’re bright-eyed and refreshed when you get there. (talon + cocoon)

06 – The Sleeper’s Quest: A slumber descends from which the subject will not awake for twelve hours. During that sleep, the dreaming self must untangle a code, thread a labyrinth, or deal with a similar puzzle; when the twelve hours are over, they wake with a dreamstone in hand that will restore the lost, from shattered vases to broken promises. It is possible to die in the dream, alas. (mend + dream + decipher)

07 – Burningheart: Sacrifice a portion of one’s own lifeblood and a beloved trinket to a brazier burning with bright coals, and stare into the flames; dancing among them will be seen an adversary’s greatest terror, and the path to best make use of such a thing, whatever it might be. (fear + flame + vision + finding)

08 – Grey Sanctuary: A single chamber, marked with glyphs on all walls, ceiling and flooring, doubles the chances for success in a specific task (including healing) for 24 hours. However, if the chamber is breached in any way, or any enter or leave, the enchantment shatters. (blessing + confine)

09 – Greenblight: With hands (or other extremities) gnarling black and tainted, for the next five minutes any plant matter touched will shrivel. Flowers brown and wilt, greenery dries brittle, even wood can be rendered punky and in splinters. Plant creatures will take double damage. (touch + sunder + plant)

10 – Winter’s Long Reach: Set yourself to gazing around yourself, as far to the horizon (or equivalent) as you can. At any point along the vista, at your will, the ground may split apart — or simply be raised high — as uncountable sharp spars of ice grow suddenly skyward up to a height of 10 metres. The ice lasts until it melts. (vision + thorn + earth + ice)

11 – The Day Turns Its Face: Until this curse is lifted, broken, or runs out its time (up to a year), the afflicted soul finds their strength, vitality and physical skill halved during daytime hours, their flesh growing feeble and wasted. Actually being struck by the rays of the sun intensifies the blight, leaving the subject a quarter of what they once were until fleeing the sun’s touch. (curse + wither + sun)

!2 – Mantle Of Midnight: Draws a portion of the night sky down to wrap around a subject’s shoulders like an all-enveloping cloak. For the next eight hours, the mantle keeps away the night chill and offers all the benefits of chainmail; additionally, once, at the subject’s wish, an attack against their person may either be magically converted to healing energy, or mirrored back at the assailant as a bolt of inky force that shatters weapons or maims claws. (mend + sunder + protect + night)

A Hamsterish Hoard Of Hexes

When I started posting bits and snips of rpg material way back when (2008? OMG AM I OLD *lol*), it was mostly critters of various stripes — something I still tinker with — but sprinkled in here and there were posts of spells, or collections of spells, and I didn’t waste any time writing up trinkets and fancies and magic items of various stripes either, because we all like shinies. And life was good ~ ;3

I kept this up for a good stretch until life and life crises derailed me, and then I turned into far more of a lurker in the online rpg scene for a number of years. But lo and behold, the wheel turns and times change, and what’s old is new again again, and I peeked my head out on Twitter a while back.

I found folks I remembered from before, and new folks, and life was also good!

And lo, a project grew from a grand suggestion: gathering up spells that I’ve written and forming new, themed spellbooks from them. And then adding descriptions for said spellbooks — and non-spell contents of their pages — and nifty trinkets and shinies a spellslinger who knows the magics contained inside one might own. And along with that, a selection of enchanted items.

Including the spellchick. Because I am still ridiculously proud of the spellchick. Moohahaha.spellchick

A Hamsterish Hoard Of Hexes is going to be released by Paolo Greco of Lost Pages fame (and credit where credit is due, Paolo is also where the nudge to do this came from!), and it’s going to be illustrated by Alex Damaceno, creator of Beyond The Borderlands. The eccentricities of the words inside are mine, though X3

Looking forward to posting more about the contents later! 83

#RPGaDay 2020

For the first time in aeons, I’m going to try to tackle entries for RPGaDay whee ~

Not “about” rpgs, mind you, because I’m bad at that and it raises my stress levels when I don’t have Opinions[tm] on a lot of things. Instead I’m going to make a tweet-sized entry for each and post them on Twitter, system-agnostic or geared towards the Jewel Moons/LES “tinyrpg” and also compile them here in this post. At the end, if I’ve done enough, I’ll put them in a little pocketmod or zine 😀

So, without further ado I suppose —

01. Beginning

Tracer Of Voices: Rested on a copy of a text (on any surface, paper to silk to stone to flesh), this writing tablet of smoky quartz and golden wax will display the original version of that text, no matter how far back in time it may have existed.

02. Change

Crafter’s Plasm: A hand-sized drop of primordium, encased in a shell of adamant glass, which will take the shape of any tool (or set thereof) small enough to be wielded in one hand. If the shell is broken, the wielder takes on a change to their form.

03. Thread

* Plucking Red Threads: Discern general details of the most important person for target within visual range, as well as individual’s location.
* Gateway Weaving: Nearly-invisible pattern holds fast any who try to cross through door or gateway. 4 hrs.

04. Vision

All-Eye Wings: Place a drop of your blood on the tongue of this tiny stone bird and it takes flight, showing you what it sees.

Lapis Lazuli: magic
Cairngorm: shades
Serpentine: living creatures
Carbuncle: machina
Opal: primal flux
Topaz: high emotion

05. Tribute

Parter Of Veils: A bowl of unassuming brown-slip ceramic, large enough to need cradling in both hands. If a letter is written to the dearly departed along the inside, and gifts of food and trifles honestly made, at night the deceased will visit.

06. Forest

Moongrove Of A Million Spirits: Trunks of silver-green bamboo soar overhead, rustling faintly in the lack of wind; and every year the Moongrove spreads.
And every slim shaft contains milky opals in its nodes; every opal, a ghost drawn from the soil …

07. Couple

Jackals Of Frost And Flame [Average antagonists]
– damage aura (fire/ice), immunity (fire/ice)
– regeneration (2 Essence/turn)
– Counterspell
These lean and long-legged elemental canines are always seen in pairs and are said to purge sins — and sinners.

08. Shade

* Relieving Canopy: phantom shadowsilk protects from effects of bright light, sunlight, heat. 4 hrs.
* Umbral Porter: subject transports up to twice body weight in objects inside own shadow. 8 hrs.
* Shadowbarb: 1d4 damage, blind 2 hrs + until healed

09. Light

* Dead Illumination: pale light soothes and pleases 1d6 unliving, improving reaction towards caster.
* I See!: recieve answer to one short (10 words or less) question or problem.
* Tiy’s Candle: floating orb remains unseen until danger threatens. 4 hrs.

10. Want

Fell-Wings Revelation: A palm-sized fat teardrop of amber-red, transparent, and warm to the touch, the Revelation shows in its depths what its holder wishes for more than anything else.

No matter what it is.

No matter if they will admit what it is.

11. Stack

The Nacreous Towers: This vale of towering pillars — of uncountable small, shelly, ancient remnants — have strange power yet. Power to change anything tucked into their crevices into something new; to whisper fossil’d secrets, if a shell is swallowed.

12. Message

Tailwind: Riders and other couriers more than happy to carry samizdat right along with more mundane string-sealed parchment packets, wax jars and folded letters. By saddle, hoof, fin and wing, Tailwind can get where folks on the ground need them to go.

13. Rest

Wayfinding: On lonely roads, a traveler may chance on a wayfinding — a small cottage of weathered wood. The host is gracious, so long as no mention is made of silvery hooves.

In the morning the wayfinding is gone, and a moon-mark remains on the flesh.

14. Banner

Oriflamme Of The Heart-Sapphire: Long-lost and legendary, cut from darkest skyvelvet and embroidered with silks drawn from the promises of all who swore to follow the Heart’s teachings. Its discoverer could claim much, from Hearthold to the star-blades.

15. Frame

Phantom Barrier Adornment: Not so much a door or window casing as the series of delicate inscriptions placed on it, barring the entry of inclement weather or any creature smaller than a cat unless carried inside. Even a large bay may be so encircled.

16. Dramatic 

Nightcaper [Average antagonist] 
- Psyche increase 
- vulnerability: silver, wine 
- Captive Audience 
Sometimes traveling entertainers don't die pleasantly, and their bright tattered remnants roam in search of the life -- and song -- they've lost.

17. Comfort

What-You-Need: Before you pluck this silvery-grey small flower without knowing what will happen; the bloom whispers it into your mind. An unseen anima rises, to manifest as whatever best suits in your time of trial; a hug, warmth, soothing words …

18. Meet

Coralheart: Odd little scallops, with thick shells of rose-to-carmine, ridged and heart-shaped; placed on forehead or throat, a shell will project a speaking image of you to whoever has the matching half. Some like to do this just to see who answers.

19. Tower

Iunia: A massive, striated, azure shard stabbing itself towards heaven, surrounded by the remnants of four others, their gilded spires splintered.

Every sixth dawn, a door irises open at Iunia’s base.

Every fourth, thunder like metal wings from within.

20. Investigate

Recorders: Sometimes primordia seeps, leaving a cyst deep underground. Those cysts can grow, spawning strange growths and hollows filled with wondrous horrors linked to the cystseed.

When the dungeon breaches the surface, Recorders move in.

21. Push

Marbolete: Over-fertilization, a bit of ill-luck, and sweetfields and water meadows may find their crops thinned out and heaved high by impossibly large and stocky, stone-dense mushrooms.

But, hollowed out, marboletes do make grand little cottages …

22. Rare 

Sky-Merled Martikhoras [Major antagonist] 
- Earthbolt (1d8 ranged, 1/2 rounds) 
- cloudform 
- venom 2 Ess./turn 
When storm and stone align, the heights spawn not a common martikhoras, but a beast whose emerald craggy hide is spangled white and azure.

23. Edge

Water Knives: Ground from mussel or abalone or spiny oyster, a water knife is a blunt oval blade of polished nacre, gripped between thumb and forefinger. Run lightly along a wound, the knife dissolves, washing away injury (up to 2 Ess.) and poison both.

24. Humour

Nanba’s Icepick: A decrepit-looking thing, its cherrywood grip scratched and pockmarked and the actual pick freckled with tiny rust spots, the tip slightly out of true. But with a touch to one’s skin, one learns just how to break any ice with goodwill.

25. Lever

Saint Rhodon’s Grace: The snapped shaft of the worn blackthorn prybar used by the custodian of the bonehall to free the jeweled saint from their cella before the wyldfires collapsed the structure. Holding Grace aloft wards off flames and the wicked dead.

26. Strange

Lily-Bulb Conveying: There are those who know how to place a message of no more than five breaths into a star lily; and since these lilies spread by great thin runners, and spawn many bulbs, the word can creep.

Grapevines are considered unreliable.

27. Favour

Reciprocal: When someone has done a great service, but it’s not the time nor the place for one to repay, one can draw forth a reciprocal to offer instead — a slightly-flattened, golden, bubbled orb. When held and wished on, it calls one to service.

28. Close

Seal-Twice: Affixed to any correspondence, this evening-blue wax contains a second missive mystically encoded into its substance. To release, the seal must be removed and then attached to a suitably folded, blank document; if broken, all is lost.

29. Ride 

- Proper Carriage: A mount's tack/harness now fits with maximum comfort, 6 hrs 
- Grey Invitation: Allow a deceased soul to inhabit you, sharing skills 
- Irisride: Reach out to the spirit of an extant rainbow and be carried to any place the bow extends over

30. Portal

Ringwalk: Not a place or an object but a process, most commonly associated with (and taught by) the loose guild of the same name; with the knowledge of the right glyphs, and the ability to trace them, a Ring may be drawn to step into another world …

31. Experience

Bone-Wisdom Distillation: At times, the sum of a life’s lessons and knowledge — and more rarefied elements still — concentrate within a single, crystallized bit of a corpse’s skeleton. Liquefy and consume in blood or wine or both, and gain all.