d100 treasures and trinkets

Here we go again with another list of shiny things to sprinkle around a dungeon or put in a character’s possession, and this time it’s a long one. (I don’t guarantee another one this long for a while, lol, although I do have some other bits simmering.)

No values attached, because those rightfully vary by campaign —

01rope of semiprecious beads, jasper and agate and carnelian, carved in the shape of leaves
02pair of soft russet-red leather gloves, stitched with golden sigils on the backs of the palms
03brass spittoon embossed with scenes of plowing fields and reaping giant ears of wheat
04boar’s-tusk phial, capped with an oval nugget of amber set in silver
05worn blue linen pouch containing a dozen tumbled fire agates
06veil of delicate black iron maille suspended from a black silken cord
07ivory locket the size of a thumb’s first joint, carved in the shape of a rosebud and containing a sliver of bone
08antler-beam sickle, polished with generations of use, edged with greenstone bladelets
09dozen willow-wood arrows, fletched with swan feathers, tipped with crystal heads, and wrapped in rough woolen homespun
10conch-shell trumpet, polished to glassy pink inside and out, with mouthpiece and mountings of gold
11hoard of two pounds of hacksilver and three grand cloak-pins of bronze and bright red enamel, sealed with wax into a terracotta amphora
12delicate silver necklace with ten crystal teardrops suspended from it, like glistening rain
13stamp-seal carved from carnelian in the shape of a leaping fish; the stamp pattern is of running spirals around ancient glyphs
14knee-length tunic of white, softened linen; neckline, lower hem and cuffs all sport inch-wide bands of polychrome embroidery
15slim silver circlet sporting a crescent-shaped sliver of garnet in its exact centre
16bleached birchwood case containing two dragonbone dip-pens and a glass vial of dark crimson ink
17paired tortoiseshell combs carved in the shape of grape leaves with gilded details
18copper statuette of a wolf-headed figure wrapped in a shroud, its eyes inlaid with moonstones
19palm-sized silver disc mirror, engraved with lilies and serpents on the rear surface, with a loop for suspension
20five perfectly matched cabochons of topaz tucked in a screw of crimson silk
21burnished human skull completely covered with etched runic spirals tinted with indigo and cinnabar
22heavy golden ring decorated with golden grains, inlaid black iron, and a cabochon of dark ruby the size of a thumbnail
23set of diviner’s sticks, rowanwood, worn from use and stored in a dappled salt-grass basket
24wooden fox toy, stained with ochre; pull a string and its tail wags
25forest-green cloak of thick felted wool, lined and trimmed with black wolf fur
26lantern of black iron frame and windows of pale amber horn
27alabaster candle-lamp of stemmed bowl shape; if the wick in the bowl is lit, the sides of the bowl glow with paintings of birds and butterflies
28flat coffer of ebony the length of a forearm containing, on a cushion of white velvet, a silver dagger still stained with blood
29palm-sized puzzlebox of red and yellow cedar containing a tiny abalone-shell carving of a falcon
30thin parchment folio bearing four pressed starlilies between its pages
31small box of tawny lacquer, carved with spirals of stylized leaves and lined with white felt
32feline half-mask of white velvet, with mirrored glass in the eye-holes, and trimmed with silver thread
33pocket-box made from a pair of polished oyster-shells trimmed, hinged and clasped with delicate steel
34worn, stained parchments containing an arcane tower’s blueprints
35teardrop-shaped pendant of amber the size of a robin’s egg that flickers like flames
36girdle-book bound in soft brown leather, each of its darkly crimson pages a meditation on the blood
37black iron axe of broad blade, both faces inlaid with silver crescent moon and trailing stars, hafted in oak and bronze
38circlet of intertwining golden wires spangled with tiny flowers made from seed pearls
39sturdy, square wooden chest containing several dozen ceramic tiles glazed in bright polychromy with flower-and-blade patterns
40twin bracelets in the shape of dragons biting their own tails, bronze with turquoise eyes
41life-sized violet, carved of amethyst and jade, tucked in a tiny whiteoak box
42courier’s satchel scorched by flame, containing a long-lost royal pardon
43six teacups, each molded from a single golden dragon scale
44three strings of glistening azure cowrie shells, a hundred shells per string
45cedar reliquary-box lined with unbleached wool on which rests a unicorn’s carbuncle-stone
46glass paperweight in the shape of a frog with a sunburst etched on its back
47ten pale wax candles shakily engraved with holy sigils, tied up in a bundle with golden ribbons
48three throwing blades of amber-pink glass as hard as steel
49a sooty black woolen greatcoat lined with hidden pockets; one contains a tiny scrawled street map
50stylized death mask in painted plaster whose eyes have been inlaid with blank, blood-red glass inserts
51shawl of crimson and rust, trimmed with tassels, woven from a dragon’s mane
52ragdoll with blue button eyes, long sooty woolen hair, and a forest-green dress, sporting a wooden sword picked out with gold paint
53two dozen grey squirrel pelts sewn into a burlap package
54tin box embossed with entwined ivy and skeletons, containing a dozen blocks of earth, unidentifiable incense
55black waistcoat picked out with curlicues of mother-of-pearl buttons
56ornamental shortsword mounted in a hilt of brightly enameled silver, the blade inscribed to the one soul who gave honour for love
57polished drinking-horn engraved with battle sagas, sporting silver fittings and a hinged lid engraved with a sunburst
58folding fan of cherry-wood, the webbing of pure white silk, the fan ribs tipped with glittering facets of pale pink glass
59courtier’s handwritten diary of two generations back, bound in lambskin and sealed with silver-infused wax and orange ribbons
60oval, steel locket, inlaid with carnelian-chip phoenix design, holding a tiny phial of dry, red-black blood
61immense bed coverlet of grey sheepskins faced with quilted green velvet stitched with gold
62string of freshwater pearls with pink coral spacers, meant to be double-looped around the neck
63wax-sealed amber juglet of myrrh oil
64hand-sized ebony statuette of a rearing heraldic leopard
65matching finger-rings, thin electrum bands inlaid with turquoise and carnelian lilies
66white wolfskin mantle, its jaws the clasp, edged with woolen tassels
67wax tablet with red cedar frame, a lost noble’s crest burned onto the back
68earrings of golden hoop-and-wire supporting dangling falls of dozens of iridescent blue beetle elytra
69cloak-pin of copper gold mounted with a carving of a rosebud in pink coral
70drinking cup of translucent bright green jade in the shape of a stylized leaf
71archer’s ceremonial thumb-ring, carved all of massive emerald crystal mounted with enamel and gold filigreed floral ornaments
72necklace of round beads of ivory interspersed with amber claws
73dozen unstrung cobalt blue eye beads tucked in a rough leather packet
74storage casket of red cedar, its panels completely covered in fine herringbone marquetry of ivory and ebony slivers
75flute made from a crane’s wing-bone, tucked in a foxfur sleeve
76astrologian’s starcharts; folding codices sandwiched between blackthorn covers and heavily annotated in coppery green
77scroll of black-dyed vellum scribed with a masterpiece of song in silver and gold notation
78traveler’s cutlery set in polished steel, enameled with green leaved and stored in a small lacquered box the colour of rust
79thumb-sized jasper carving of a deer-headed man in a sleek gown
80breastplate of silver-etched steel and russet leather straps, with a prayer for protection and victory inscribed on the inner surface
81six delicate glass bangles, ruby and emerald, edged with gilt
82fist-sized puzzlebox of goldenoak in the shape of a sleeping stag
83hollow bone tube, capped with ivory finials, filled with shimmering dawn-coloured butterfly scales
84perfectly polished lace-agate egg the size of a hen’s egg
85bolt of cloth-of-gold woven from byssus, carefully wrapped in an outer layer of linen
86five pearlescent prisms, each a hand long, snug in a grey wool pouch
87mahogany box with tight-fitting lid, 1′ square, lined with wax and filled to the brim with rose conserves
88brass lantern in the shape of a plump, ribbed squash, with green and blue glass panes
89necklace of garnet beads shaped like pomegranate pips
90nine white rose petals, eerily preserved, each with a short prayer bloodily brushed onto it
91sabre of plain oak-and-brass hilt whose blade appears to be of razor sharp, translucently white stone
92golden finger-ring sporting a brilliant jacinth engraved with a tiny hellglyph
93shield of blackoak overlain with white and black oxhide reinforced with bronze edging and bosses
94tiny, hollowed sphere of red coral filled with with ambrosia and stoppered with bone, hung on a hair-thin golden chain
95shallow box covered with scuffed burgundy leather containing a dozen brittle love letters exchanged between two sages
96wolf’s jaw, engraved with tiny, gilded whorls of prayer and polished by years of handling
97parade tack for a horse, of russet leather and mirror-bright steel trimmed with golden tassels and seed pearls, with leopard-pelt saddle and feather-patterned, multicoloured caparison
98folded parchment, repaired by careful blue-thread darning of holes in the hide; a devoted follower’s elegy to a fallen ruler
99round electrum brooch inlaid with amber and cairngorm depicting the sun being eclipsed by the moon
00coiled braid of silver hair, tied with lapis blue ribbons and strings of amber beads
– something for everyone –