Swordtember 2022 – crystal

Petal Of The World

Unusually shaped, truly petal-like, this sparkling, glimmering sword may be encountered in all manner of shapes and forms and sizes — so long as there is similarity to a long, crystalline petal — and no two descriptions are ever alike. And so it should be, as there is more than one Petal Of The World, and all to the good.

From rapiers like lily spikes to broad bastard swords, all manner of blades are found in this peerless, perfectly clear crystal; even an axe or three, a glaive, and broad-headed lances.

Some simply wrap the Petal’s stem-like tang in leather or other material to form a grip. Others mount the blade in hilts plain or precious. It doesn’t matter to the Petal.

* The Petal Of The World doubles its damage against those of truly evil or malign intent; it will cause no harm at all to the truly innocent, skidding softly off their flesh. Its bearer is granted a shimmering aegis against injury (+2 Armour) and may heal up to the Petal’s maximum damage daily, twice this if granted to another.

The true gift of the Petal, however, is this: to grant its gifted bearer a single, selfless wish.

* Not carved nor blown nor forged, a Petal Of The World has only one source: the great World-Heart Blossom, that gleaming crystalline heart of a million million shimmering hopes, deep within the marrow of the world.

If approached with pure and true intent, and the need is great, the Blossom will gift of itself so that its supplicant may gift themselves to others in turn. It cannot be forced, nor bribed, to do so.