Zombie Mink!

In some lands, mink are trapped for their luxurious fur. In others, these sleek and slender predators may be farmed for the same purpose; and, in yet others, mink are turned loose to multiply to keep down the numbers of rats and other vermin, sometimes to the point of becoming vermin themselves.

But in the end, the mink are tossed away, one way or another, with or without their soft and gleaming coats. Killed in their numbers, the creatures are discarded and left to rot without a second thought.

That is sometimes a very, very bad idea.

Sometimes, the mink don’t stay gone.

You wouldn’t want to wear one of these.

And they don’t arrive alone.

Zombie Mink: Bloating with death, sporting clotted fur or bare necrotizing muscle, this small horror bares needle-like fangs and a burning witchfire in its empty eye sockets.


Zombie Mink: AC 5 [14], HD 1-1** (3 hp), Att. 1 x bite (1d6), THAC0: 19 [0], MV 150′ (50′), Saves: D 12, W 13, P 14, B 15, S 16, Morale 10, Align: Chaotic, XP 7, NA 4d8 (6d12), TT: None

> Undead: Vulnerable to turning
> Burn The Infestation: Double damage from fire
> Infravision: 40′
> Leech: Upon a successful attack, locks onto victim and drains blood, automatic 1 hp damage per round until target dead or ferret is destroyed
> Plaguebearer: Bite has 2-in-20 chance of infecting the target (save vs poison). The disease has a 2-in-4 chance of being deadly (die in 1d12 days). Otherwise, the victim is sick and bedridden for a month.

TBH 1e

Zombie Mink: HD 1-1, one bite 1d6 (+ 1 each moment until removed or destroyed), CON test or contract disease (second CON test or OoA in 1d12 days), undead, double damage from fire


Zombie Mink: [Minor]  B 4, A 9, P 6; Essence 1; 1 Armour Point; damage 1d4
– double damage from fire, light
– successful attack: 1 Ess/turn until removed or destroyed
– Body test or catch disease from bite (Body, Alacrity halved for month; second Body test to survive, then roll on Death effects table)


#RPGaDay 2020

For the first time in aeons, I’m going to try to tackle entries for RPGaDay whee ~

Not “about” rpgs, mind you, because I’m bad at that and it raises my stress levels when I don’t have Opinions[tm] on a lot of things. Instead I’m going to make a tweet-sized entry for each and post them on Twitter, system-agnostic or geared towards the Jewel Moons/LES “tinyrpg” and also compile them here in this post. At the end, if I’ve done enough, I’ll put them in a little pocketmod or zine 😀

So, without further ado I suppose —

01. Beginning

Tracer Of Voices: Rested on a copy of a text (on any surface, paper to silk to stone to flesh), this writing tablet of smoky quartz and golden wax will display the original version of that text, no matter how far back in time it may have existed.

02. Change

Crafter’s Plasm: A hand-sized drop of primordium, encased in a shell of adamant glass, which will take the shape of any tool (or set thereof) small enough to be wielded in one hand. If the shell is broken, the wielder takes on a change to their form.

03. Thread

* Plucking Red Threads: Discern general details of the most important person for target within visual range, as well as individual’s location.
* Gateway Weaving: Nearly-invisible pattern holds fast any who try to cross through door or gateway. 4 hrs.

04. Vision

All-Eye Wings: Place a drop of your blood on the tongue of this tiny stone bird and it takes flight, showing you what it sees.

Lapis Lazuli: magic
Cairngorm: shades
Serpentine: living creatures
Carbuncle: machina
Opal: primal flux
Topaz: high emotion

05. Tribute

Parter Of Veils: A bowl of unassuming brown-slip ceramic, large enough to need cradling in both hands. If a letter is written to the dearly departed along the inside, and gifts of food and trifles honestly made, at night the deceased will visit.

06. Forest

Moongrove Of A Million Spirits: Trunks of silver-green bamboo soar overhead, rustling faintly in the lack of wind; and every year the Moongrove spreads.
And every slim shaft contains milky opals in its nodes; every opal, a ghost drawn from the soil …

07. Couple

Jackals Of Frost And Flame [Average antagonists]
– damage aura (fire/ice), immunity (fire/ice)
– regeneration (2 Essence/turn)
– Counterspell
These lean and long-legged elemental canines are always seen in pairs and are said to purge sins — and sinners.

08. Shade

* Relieving Canopy: phantom shadowsilk protects from effects of bright light, sunlight, heat. 4 hrs.
* Umbral Porter: subject transports up to twice body weight in objects inside own shadow. 8 hrs.
* Shadowbarb: 1d4 damage, blind 2 hrs + until healed

09. Light

* Dead Illumination: pale light soothes and pleases 1d6 unliving, improving reaction towards caster.
* I See!: recieve answer to one short (10 words or less) question or problem.
* Tiy’s Candle: floating orb remains unseen until danger threatens. 4 hrs.

10. Want

Fell-Wings Revelation: A palm-sized fat teardrop of amber-red, transparent, and warm to the touch, the Revelation shows in its depths what its holder wishes for more than anything else.

No matter what it is.

No matter if they will admit what it is.

11. Stack

The Nacreous Towers: This vale of towering pillars — of uncountable small, shelly, ancient remnants — have strange power yet. Power to change anything tucked into their crevices into something new; to whisper fossil’d secrets, if a shell is swallowed.

12. Message

Tailwind: Riders and other couriers more than happy to carry samizdat right along with more mundane string-sealed parchment packets, wax jars and folded letters. By saddle, hoof, fin and wing, Tailwind can get where folks on the ground need them to go.

13. Rest

Wayfinding: On lonely roads, a traveler may chance on a wayfinding — a small cottage of weathered wood. The host is gracious, so long as no mention is made of silvery hooves.

In the morning the wayfinding is gone, and a moon-mark remains on the flesh.

14. Banner

Oriflamme Of The Heart-Sapphire: Long-lost and legendary, cut from darkest skyvelvet and embroidered with silks drawn from the promises of all who swore to follow the Heart’s teachings. Its discoverer could claim much, from Hearthold to the star-blades.

15. Frame

Phantom Barrier Adornment: Not so much a door or window casing as the series of delicate inscriptions placed on it, barring the entry of inclement weather or any creature smaller than a cat unless carried inside. Even a large bay may be so encircled.

16. Dramatic 

Nightcaper [Average antagonist] 
- Psyche increase 
- vulnerability: silver, wine 
- Captive Audience 
Sometimes traveling entertainers don't die pleasantly, and their bright tattered remnants roam in search of the life -- and song -- they've lost.

17. Comfort

What-You-Need: Before you pluck this silvery-grey small flower without knowing what will happen; the bloom whispers it into your mind. An unseen anima rises, to manifest as whatever best suits in your time of trial; a hug, warmth, soothing words …

18. Meet

Coralheart: Odd little scallops, with thick shells of rose-to-carmine, ridged and heart-shaped; placed on forehead or throat, a shell will project a speaking image of you to whoever has the matching half. Some like to do this just to see who answers.

19. Tower

Iunia: A massive, striated, azure shard stabbing itself towards heaven, surrounded by the remnants of four others, their gilded spires splintered.

Every sixth dawn, a door irises open at Iunia’s base.

Every fourth, thunder like metal wings from within.

20. Investigate

Recorders: Sometimes primordia seeps, leaving a cyst deep underground. Those cysts can grow, spawning strange growths and hollows filled with wondrous horrors linked to the cystseed.

When the dungeon breaches the surface, Recorders move in.

21. Push

Marbolete: Over-fertilization, a bit of ill-luck, and sweetfields and water meadows may find their crops thinned out and heaved high by impossibly large and stocky, stone-dense mushrooms.

But, hollowed out, marboletes do make grand little cottages …

22. Rare 

Sky-Merled Martikhoras [Major antagonist] 
- Earthbolt (1d8 ranged, 1/2 rounds) 
- cloudform 
- venom 2 Ess./turn 
When storm and stone align, the heights spawn not a common martikhoras, but a beast whose emerald craggy hide is spangled white and azure.

23. Edge

Water Knives: Ground from mussel or abalone or spiny oyster, a water knife is a blunt oval blade of polished nacre, gripped between thumb and forefinger. Run lightly along a wound, the knife dissolves, washing away injury (up to 2 Ess.) and poison both.

24. Humour

Nanba’s Icepick: A decrepit-looking thing, its cherrywood grip scratched and pockmarked and the actual pick freckled with tiny rust spots, the tip slightly out of true. But with a touch to one’s skin, one learns just how to break any ice with goodwill.

25. Lever

Saint Rhodon’s Grace: The snapped shaft of the worn blackthorn prybar used by the custodian of the bonehall to free the jeweled saint from their cella before the wyldfires collapsed the structure. Holding Grace aloft wards off flames and the wicked dead.

26. Strange

Lily-Bulb Conveying: There are those who know how to place a message of no more than five breaths into a star lily; and since these lilies spread by great thin runners, and spawn many bulbs, the word can creep.

Grapevines are considered unreliable.

27. Favour

Reciprocal: When someone has done a great service, but it’s not the time nor the place for one to repay, one can draw forth a reciprocal to offer instead — a slightly-flattened, golden, bubbled orb. When held and wished on, it calls one to service.

28. Close

Seal-Twice: Affixed to any correspondence, this evening-blue wax contains a second missive mystically encoded into its substance. To release, the seal must be removed and then attached to a suitably folded, blank document; if broken, all is lost.

29. Ride 

- Proper Carriage: A mount's tack/harness now fits with maximum comfort, 6 hrs 
- Grey Invitation: Allow a deceased soul to inhabit you, sharing skills 
- Irisride: Reach out to the spirit of an extant rainbow and be carried to any place the bow extends over

30. Portal

Ringwalk: Not a place or an object but a process, most commonly associated with (and taught by) the loose guild of the same name; with the knowledge of the right glyphs, and the ability to trace them, a Ring may be drawn to step into another world …

31. Experience

Bone-Wisdom Distillation: At times, the sum of a life’s lessons and knowledge — and more rarefied elements still — concentrate within a single, crystallized bit of a corpse’s skeleton. Liquefy and consume in blood or wine or both, and gain all.

The Blue Lotus Hack

Well, here we are.

In 2018, I (after several years of tinkering and talking myself into it) released the Blue Lotus Hack on Drivethrurpg under the name Vai Earthflame, a level of separation that I needed to turn the thing loose at all.

Once I started nosing around the scene again (on Twitter), I alluded to the thing, and then eventually named it, but still did nothing else with it. But I still have some things I’d like to do — some more critters, some more bits and snips and shiny objects — and I can’t readily do that here on the blog without the thing, while adding the things to the Fanged Moon blog would be even more awkward than it initially felt at the time.

So here’s the Blue Lotus Hack, another iteration on the first edition of The Black Hack, with a pile of critters and some treasures and a mini-gazetteer of the setting of Varas. It’s Pay What You Want, because my layout skills are just as non-existent now as they were then; it’s not fancy, it doesn’t have nice art, but it’s (I hope!) readable and does that job well enough.

But it does feel nice to have this actually on my name.

The Blue Lotus Hack — itch.io

The Blue Lotus Hack — Drivethrurpg

Bitty Beasties

A dozen bitty critters ~

All of the following wee beasties have the following stats, unless noted otherwise:

HD: 1 hp, [Armour Class 10], damage 1, movement abilities as appropriate

A successful attack will, predictably, smite one flat. If any of these critters are attacking en masse — in a swarm, or the like — each hit point of damage dealt by sword, club, fireball, etc can be assumed to kill one critter.

Flutterclam (Sapphire Scallop)
– if successful in attack, has clamped on; victim acts last due to distracting irritation
Is that a brilliant blue bivalve flapping its way through the air? … Yes, yes it is.

Raindrop Jelly
– -2 to attempts to hit a raindrop jelly
Palm-sized, completely transparent jelly. Edible, if rather flavourless; sprinkle toasted bean flour and syrup on top for best results.

Angel Echo
– whisper a recently performed kindness or justice to it and it grants a single +2 bonus to a later action, then fades
A drifting half-glimpsed spectre of wings, blade and nimbus, like dust in a sunbeam.

– will eat any light it comes into contact with
Big, tatterwinged moth, with sooty translucent wings two handspans wide.

The Dancing Cat
– if treated well, treater is given a useful tidbit of knowledge; if attacked or treated poorly, inflicts a -1 hex to saves for the day and disappears
A large housecat with greeny-gold fur, amber eyes, filmy wings and a knowing look. Is not actually dancing.

Rogue Apple
– always acts first at the beginning of an encounter (always has surprise)
Who expected a luscious fruit to open a fanged maw?! Not always an apple; peaches, plums and even pomegranates have their rogues, among others.

Saw Viper
– venomous bite makes victim grow woody, punky patches on skin, -2 CHA (fade in 1d2 days)
This tawny coloured, rough-scaled snake is less a threat to people as it is to wood, which it burrows — and cuts — through with abandon.

Pale Veil
– if successful in attack, does no damage; settles over target’s eyes, blinding until killed or removed
A strange fluttering thing of diaphanous silky tissue of iridescent colour, drawn to eyes it does not possess.

Barbeque Chicken
– can and will set flammable objects on fire with a touch
These speckled red-and-brown-and-black fowl are as spicy as they are feisty; look out for burning beaks!

– if attacking a spellcaster of any kind, eats one level off a spell slot (potential casting) instead of inflicting damage
Not a ghost; this skittering insectile knot of essence is named for the void it leaves in caster’s minds.

– spits attack at 30′ range, immune to element
Sessile fleshy growths or floating honeycombed globes, the least of elementals: air, earth, fire, water, light, dark, thunder, ice, venom.

– trip attack makes target lose next action (but so does crab, except for movement)
A bony bone-coloured crab using a skull as a home. Yes sir. Not actually undead despite its looks; turning will not help you.

[spacehack] Some space critters

Comet Lobster
1 HD
Only has 1d4 hp; Clinging Pinch does 1 damage every moment after attack unless removed
Cold, pale, tasty, vicious, and comes in swarms.

1 HD
Mocking Banter makes adversary lose next action on failed WIS test.
Folks of all kinds take up the pirate’s life, but these folks consider themselves experts.

1 HD
1d2 Claws, 50% chance to warn of incoming danger to ship
Sleek, proper, and said to grant favours to captains who treat them well; honest mousers, too!

Dazzle Swarm (Dazzlers)
1 HD
1 damage, Flickering Strobe: CON test or blinded 1d4 moments
These floaty shimmery mote-y things do nothing on their own and little when in clouds, but their lights flash at the worst times.

1 HD
Can mimic the shape of anyone it comes across, attack 1d2 and -1 WIS
An amorphous conglomeration of silvery, mirror-bright floss, until it insinuates itself amongst the crew.

1 HD
Acid Spit 1d3, Disadvantage to attacks on glassine made with blunt weapons
An infestation of these arm-length translucent slugs in riotous colors can wipe out ship stores in days, and their spores are everywhere.

2 HD
Inanimate organics that come in contact dissolve the next moment, immune to cold and fire
Wispy, nearly transparent jellies that will ooze over asteroids, ships, anything really.

2 HD
Blazing Corona, CON test or continue to take damage every moment until successful CON test.
Exactly what it says on the tin: hoops of sullen red-orange flame, oddly spongy and as wide as the average adult is tall.

The Withered
2 HD
Two Claws 1d4, WIS test or flee in fear 1d4 moments, mindspeech
The shriveled, dry remnants of voidfarers gone awry, all too eager to feed from planting that terror in others’ hearts.

2 HD
Chilling Touch 1d6 + INT test or hallucinations for four hours
Some folks get too much of the shardfield into their system. Figuratively, or literally.

2 HD
Shellshield 2 AP + can be sundered, multiattack 1d3 three times, shipwrecker
Bulky, ribbed spiral shell, pyrite and grey, and a dozen grasping, hook-studded tentacles, oily black.

Aether Crane
3 HD
Beak Stab + bleed, 2 hit points per moment, or Wing Buffet 2d4 and CON test or stunned one moment
This huge and multicoloured crane can be ridden through the void; it will carry two riders, or one rider plus some very compact cargo.

3 HD
Prism Tentacles (2d4) + CON test or take another 2d4 damage of fire, ice, or light
Sweet, glimmering jellyfish; nice to eat, if they don’t get you first. The fire ones are nicely spicy.

3 HD
All DEX tests rolled with Disadvantage, CON test or Drains 1 Level with Hit
A shark of the void, blood-black and savage, that feeds on the spirit more than the flesh.

Great Nudi
3 HD
May cast a beneficial spell of level 1-3 if offered food
Why yes, that is a billowing, ruffling multicoloured nudibranch the size of a cow undulating through the void.

3 HD
Pale Bolt 1d6 up to Far Away target, up to three targets; shatters wood or glass, shipwrecker
Strange creatures of articulated milky shells and long, long spikes, like an insectile hedgehog.

Void Ivy
4 HD
Continues to inflict initial damage every moment until needle coils removed, only damaged by fire
A malignant coiling knot of greenery that moves of its own accord; the spores of a corrupted starvine seed.

Frozen Ocean Sage
4 HD
Can cast 1d6 first level spells, 1d3 second level spells and 2 random higher level spells; 1d6 Phantom Staff
A frozen ocean sage will never reveal their features, but they are willing to offer words of advice wherever they may be found in exchange for their whimsical requests.

4 HD
2 claws 1d4 + Bite 1d8, Breath 2d10 on 2d8 Nearby targets once every six moments (shipwrecker)
A sturdy carbuncle-hide dragon that can fly through the void, carrying two riders plus their personal cargo in harness.

Jurai Bee
4 HD
Sting 1d10 + CON test or add 2d10 poison damage or paralysis
The monstrous, usually docile bees that nest within and pollinate the most ancient of starvine trees.

5 HD
Bite 1d6 and CON test or petrified
This massive viper-like creature sports waxy scales and lurks amongst the debris of the Shard Fields.

5 HD
Six Tentacles 1d8 and CON test or paralyzed, will sprout another attack tentacle when injured unless damaged by fire in that moment
A barrel of soft translucent flesh, gaping maw and a corona of writhing, stinging tentacles, found anchored on any solid surface.

Cold Mannequin
5 HD
Lure — WIS test or be drawn towards mannequin, Frostburst 2d8 damage to any Close targets every 4 moments
Scattered throughout the void are inscrutable statues of seamless white metal that stand guard and wait.

5 HD
Bite 1d6, Sting 1d6 + acid spray 2d4, immune to piercing attacks, shipwrecker
Gigantic hunter wasps from the starvines and greenworlds, armoured in ominous crimson and blue-black.

6 HD
STR test or Bound in place along with equipment, CON test or stunned 1d6 moments after successfully struck
A glistening, gritty, gigantic cell of pseudopods found amongst asteroids and other rocky debris.

Ebon Spider
6 HD
Black Web — DEX test or Entangled + 2d8 damage per moment, Bite 1d12 + 1d4 next moment after attack, shapeshift
These massive black arachnids can take the forms of any creature that they have devoured.

6 HD
2 Barbs 1d8, healed by magic (2 Hit Points per level of spell)
An amalgamation of black briars and brass armour in roughly humanoid shape.

Void Manta
6 HD
Becomes Invisible until it attacks, as an action; shipwrecker
The colour of the void and speckled with twinkling lights … when you see it coming.

7 HD
Darkness cloud affecting all Nearby, 2 Tentacles 2d6 + INT test or dazed one moment
And out of the dark drifts a pale-fleshed nautilus nestled in a shell of shimmering ivory, two tendrils trailing.

7 HD
Ambusher’s Aim — holds action for two moments then WIS or DEX test or target is OoA, all DEX tests are rolled with disadvantage, can cast 1-4 1st level spells
Elegant, sharply sculptured mantids, wise of eye and swift of strike.

The Waxen
7 HD
Create Objects (of resin or wax), Create Meal, Charm (as an action), Teleport to Nearby location once per fight
Strange shelly creatures all but hidden under their protective domes, but amenable if not attacked.

Ghost Ship
7 HD
Will reform and hunt those that defeat it, vulnerable to fire, unliving, shipwrecker
Sometimes an entire vessel and its crew persists beyond death, if the mission was fraught enough.

Myrmich Lord
8 HD
Spawn – create 1d6 2 HD myrmichs every moment, Quicksilver Bite 3d4 and liquifies metal it touches
Gargantuan ant-like conqueror as at home inside planetoids or grand cities as it is deep inside shards.

8 HD
Blind all Nearby, Discern Fate, Create Illusions, Prismatic Bolt 3d6, shipwreck
Beneath the frost, a faceted sphere of living crystal as large as a ship that peers into the future and the past.

Living Comet
8 HD
Iceflame Aura 2d8 all Close subjects, 3d6 Ram + CON test or crushed prone, shipwrecker
It’s not the snow and ice that lives, but the spirit that rides the comet through the void — but why?

Luminous One
9 HD
Healing Fires 3d8 restoration, Claws 3d8, spells as 4th level spellcaster, grant Weal or Woe
A heron of blue-white light, a misty and vaguely humanoid shape, both at once, or neither; but a source of succor nonetheless.

9 HD
1d10 damage next moment after attack, immune to elemental based attacks and slashing weapons, shipwrecker
This horror is part monster worm, part centipede, all iridescent barbed jaws, and perpetually hungry.

9 HD
2 Tentacles 2d8 + if both hit, grapple and Beak for another 2d8 damage, shipwrecker.
Sometimes, just being an enormous arrow-sleek steely squid is more than enough.

10 HD
Immune to normal weapons, vulnerable to light, attacks stop healing until healing magic or equivalent is used; a person killed by an abyssan will become a ghoul (PC HD, paralytic touch) under the abyssan’s control in 1d6 minutes
A colourless slash in the fabric of reality, wrapped around a conglomeration of the bones of scores of the dead.

10 HD (special)
Slows ship travel to 1/6 normal, disadvantage on all rolls, shipwrecker
A vast, foggy sargasso in the void that slowly saps the life out of all inside it, its own essence dispersed through ten pale, false ghost-hearts.

10 HD
Engulf — any target smaller than 6 HD, 2d6 damage every moment; immune to physical weapons, shipwrecker
One of the eerier encounters in the void: a long and slowly tumble-swimming tube of wispy plasm, more than capable of swallowing a ship whole.

Bright Blizzard
11 HD
Beauty Of Snow — WIS or Pilot test or be lured into centre of the Bright Blizzard, 2d6 damage to all touching or within it, CON test or be frozen solid after 1d6 minutes of being drawn inside, vulnerable to fire, immune to cold
Elemental phenomenon like this huge storm — ephemeral, delicate, but deadly — can and do spring up without warning.

11 HD
Disadvantage on attack rolls when Zeuglon attacks, immune to elemental damage, shipwrecker
Like a reptilian whale, drawn out sleek and menacing and equipped with four flukes to speed its fanged jaws ever closer.

Starvine Wanderer
12 HD
Inject Seeds, Engulf — any target smaller than 8 HD, Chlorophyll Infusion, Burning Sap 2d8 + 1d8 damage the following 1d6 moments, shipwrecker
Uncountable glittering, emerald and bronze branches radiate from this young starvine tree’s woody core.

12-15 HD
Extinguishes all fire and light up to Far Away, 2 Claws 1d8 + 1 Bite 1d10, CON test or lose 2 levels (Pilot test or lose two levels/ship HD), can cast 1d8 spells of any level, shipwrecker
A frightful and monstrous draconic creature with four insectile wings, rows of hateful eyes, and a coal black hide glistening with bone-violet.

Nine Black Jewel Moons: Scattered Jewels

Well, I have done the thing, or at least a thing — a companion document of sorts for Nine Black Jewel Moons.  Scattered Jewels has two small rules options, some enchantments and prodigies of the primordia, more ideas for antagonists, a scatter of NPCs and a few brief sketches of new places beyond the Edge of the world.

Scattered Jewels

I have an idea or two for a small adventure I could fit on a pocketmod that would use Jewel Moons, if not quite~ the setting itself, being much smaller in scope.  We’ll see if I can figure it out?

A companion with some ideas for Neon Burning Skies is, at least, almost finished …