36 (d66) Spells

This is what happens when I’m trying to jumpstart my brain, I guess? *lol*

11. Traveler’s Drop:  Conjure a glassy bead roughly the size of a thumbnail, in any colour or pattern desired.  When worn prominently, protects the wearer against mundane mishaps while traveling for three days.  You cannot have more than three drops active at once.

12. Stoneflower Emulation:  Transmute yourself or another into a dormant, hibernating form reminiscent of a low boulder or clutch of greyish stones.  You may “sleep” like this, unaging, until a designated time has elapsed (no more than a year) or until water soaks all around the “stone”.

13. The Stars To Guide You:  Designate a star or constellation of stars; once a week, so long as the stars may be seen, you may ask a single questions or be guided in a specific direction until sunrise.  The stars see much, but are at a remove from the world; consider their responses carefully.  The spell lasts a season.

14. Heart Of The Beast:  Cast this spell on a slain monster’s heart (or reasonably equivalent organ or portion), then consume it.  At any time, you may take the devoured creature’s shape, once, for 10 minutes.  You will retain some physical mark of this transformation afterwards.

15. Wallflower:  For the next hour, provided they move as little as possible, the target of this spell is just more furniture or ornament to anyone viewing them; they are seen, but simply do not register.  (changing places or positions while someone’s back is turned is fine.)

16. Sweetveil:  A filmy, silky ribbon of power drifts around one’s shoulders, to be wrapped around one’s head and face; it blocks miasma, mundane or otherwise, and allows breathing in all environments for 2 hours.

21. Fish Out Of Water:  For the next seven days, the target must fully immerse themselves in water for at least two hours a day or be incapacitated, all efforts having a 50% chance of failure.  The spell doesn’t grant water breathing, but keeping one’s face wet will do.

22. Vista:  Up to six individuals touch a document – not necessarily a book, any form of recording knowledge will do – as the spell is cast.  All involved will see the contents of the document play out vividly in their mind as if unfolding before their eyes, and somehow all within an hour at most.  The spell does not, alas, guarantee comprehension.

23. Tif’s Bluebonnet:  Conjures a cap – or if you prefer, an actual bonnet – of shimmering sky-blue shining “fabric” onto the head.  In the next conflict, all projectiles will unerringly aim for – and hit, harmlessly – the bonnet.  This is often rather traumatic for the wearer!  So, it only works once a day.

24. Drawn From The Soul:  A personal weapon spell.  The first time it is cast, choose the following: shape, appearance, physical state, an elemental damage type if desired, and a physical bane (for example, a hard-light, golden shortbow that looks like flame, deals lighting damage and is wolf-bane).  Whenever subsequently cast, the weapon will always take the chosen form; it lasts for 8 actions.  Its standard abilities are longsword damage, longbow range if applicable, and doubles damage against its bane.

25. Personal Web Assistant:  Conjures a surprisingly graceful, metallic spider from another realm to serve the caster or a designated recipient faithfully for 6 hours.  The spider-construct does not fight, but it is the size of a kitten to a collie (as desired), can record conversations or take physical notes (expressing them onto resinous “silk” sheets), manipulate tools, scout or carry messages, and haul 10-50 lbs. depending on size.  It does dutifully report its activities to its otherworldly superiors when its shift is over.

26. This Is The Place:  Cast this spell on a deliberately crafted cairn, monument, begarlanded area, or any other place dedicated to a specific, notable entity.  If a deity (or similar entity), they directly hear any pleas and receive doubled offerings; if mortal, they feel invigorated (doubled chances to succeed) and receive strange sweet rations from the aether which are the pleas and prayers; this effect remains on the physical locale for one day.  Godlings have been known to be created from consistent usage of this spell, for good or ill.

31. Scribework Distillation:  With a specially prepared phial or bottle in hand, the caster holds a text above its mouth and casts this spell, and the entire contents of the pages slide off and drain into the phial.  Once sealed, it may be carried indefinitely; poured over a blank volume, it restores the contents (allowing for changes in size).  Shattering a phial loses the contents in a splash of iridescent ink.

32. Skyclad:  Absolutely a spell for appearance’s sake, when cast onto an article of clothing, that clothing takes on the appearance of the sky, shifting as the sky does – brilliant azure, stormy greys, aflame with sunset, and so on.  Duration depends on clothing area, from 12 hours for a scarf to 2 for a fancy formal gown.

33. Far-Roamer:  Conjures up an ephemeral spirit (with any appearance desired), capable of performing any of the following assigned tasks: carry a message, find an individual and report back, bring back a message.  The spirit can travel unseen, and is as fast as an eagle.  It is possible that the spell duration (4 hours) runs out before the roamer completes its task(s); the caster will know if it dissolves unfinished.

34. Tiny Grass Is Dreaming:  In a 30’ radius, the ground – even flooring – slowly grows a carpet of lush, soft green grass over the next 1d4 minutes.  All remaining inside the area of the grass when it has finished growing feel a gentle sleepiness coming over them; all who don’t fight it sleep for an hour and wake refreshed as a full night’s rest, calm, and having shared a dream of quiet cohabitation and happiness.

35. Plaguepurge:  Draws illness out of a target in the form of a twisted, diabolical creature which the subject must defeat to be cured; a cold may be a small verminous creature, a life-threatening sickness like unto anything from a bear to a dragon.  Others may lend aid, but the patient must land the finishing blow.

36. Pocket In The Glass:  Erects a comfortable work(“work”)place in a wrinkle in the world.  From the outside, a door-height hairline of light; on the inside 100’ sq. of work-tables, illuminator’s desks, fountain, couches, and two small facilities of the caster’s choice, from a silversmith’s bench to a potter’s wheel, all contained in what appears to be a glass-walled hall with a sprawling vista beyond.  Access to the pocket lasts 6 hours, and objects created inside may be removed but the conjured tools cannot.

41. Iahi’s Scintillating Lace:  Covers up to 20’ sq. in a plane – even if midair – in an intricate pattern of floral lacework in constantly shifting, brilliant colours.  Just seeing the lace mesmerizes for 1-10 minutes; touching it causes injury like a dagger, lacy welts appearing on the flesh.  Lasts 1d4 hours.

42. Moonmilk:  Cast on at least a flask of milk under the full moon, creating a luminescent draft that prevents contracting lycanthropy (or represses its effects) for a single night if consumed in total.  The drinker’s eyes give off a faint moonlight glow while the effect is active.

43. Rainsaint’s Mantle:  Creates a cooling, enfolding mantle (with hood, if desired) of raindrops, like a silk-fine fabric of rain that never actually soaks you.  While wearing the mantle, hot or desiccating environments cause no distress, and heat and fire damage is halved.  The mantle lasts 4 hours, but may be dismissed earlier to grant the water to completely quench another’s thirst.

44. Final Wish Whispered:  Designate a recipient for the spell; the other target is the caster.  If the caster is killed in the next 24 hours – or another fate specified during casting occurs – the other party instantly knows of the death and any other vital bits of information the caster wished to pass along, up to six discrete details.

45. Narah’s Clubhouse Code:  Trace a special sigil onto the skin of up to six people, including the caster if desired.  For the next 48 hours, all those marked can leave sorcerous markings of up to six letters, glyphs or small doodles on any surface, just by tracing their fingertips, and only those marked by the spell can see them.

46. Viridian Harvester’s Talons:  The subject’s hands (or equivalent) warp into green-bronze, scaled talons with biliously emerald claws.  Any creature struck by the talons takes damage as by a shortsword – and calves away a cubed ration of disturbingly jerky-like, faintly sweet nutriment.  (a plant may provide something more vegetal.  maybe.)  The talons persist for five attacks or other actions.  It’s good for you!  Honest!

51. Torchbearer’s Warding:  Cast on a lit torch, this spell lies dormant but ready until the torchbearer is attacked.  Then a coiling, prickly, smoky tentacle erupts from the torch like an enraged serpent to slash at the assailant – up to 15’ away – with burning fangs that injure like a shortsword.  The spell can be cast on a lantern, but will only cause dagger damage.  It must be recast after a conflict in which it was triggered.

52. Bonethorns:  The target’s skeleton erupts in scores of hand-length, viciously sharp thorns – or appears to, as the caster prefers.  If real, the target may deal unarmed damage as a longsword and gain chainmail-equivalent protection, but the pain leaves them able to act only half as often; if illusion, only a boost to intimidation and fear effects is granted, forcing opponents to test their resolve to fight.  The spell lasts 4 actions regardless.

53. Brassbite:  Any lock or similar mechanism enchanted by this spell will sprout strange grinding fangs inside its mechanism – and will cut and shear through the next key, probe or other tool inserted, unless it was touched to the lock while the spell was being cast.

54. Hutling Dasher:  It may not hoist an actual hut, it’s true, but this spell does grant strong clawed birdie legs to anything that carries things, from barrel-sized to a respectable wagon, allowing it to travel at horse-speed for 8 hours total. (you can take breaks.)  The spell causes the legs to lower the “body” safely before disappearing when the spell ends.

55. Trembling Candle:  This spell may either enchant a real, burning candle, or create a tiny, floating candle flame.  Regardless of choice, the caster designates up to four subjects present when the spell is cast; the flame will change colours, to the caster’s eyes, to reflect the emotional state of the subject(s).  Lasts 2 hours or until the candle is snuffed out.

56. Kaleidoflutter:  Fills a 20’ radius area with fluttering, clinging, baffling butterflies in a riot of colours that flock over 3d4 targets within the area of effect.  Victims mobbed by the butterflies move at half speed and are effectively blinded.  Lasts for 10 minutes.

61. Aka’s Equilibrium:  This spell grants a brief preternatural insight into whatever the recipient is currently attempting or experiencing, allowing a series of instinctive adjustments as they work.  One test or similar action, may be reattempted, the outcome now assured.  May only be used once a day per individual, because so many perceptions strain the senses.

62. Wrapped With A Bow:  Swathes up to 10 sq. feet in a tough, satiny substance, tucking whatever is contained into the optimally compact shape for easy transport. (yes, you can add an actual bow.)  The content’s freshness, if applicable, is quadrupled in duration.  Do not attempt on living beings (fails, gets gross); cut free with a sharp knife.

63. Comforting Calm:  A soothing sort of warm fuzziness settles over all in eyeshot, like receiving the equivalent of a welcome hug.  Fear effects and other adverse emotional influences are removed, and – pending the caster’s and others’ behaviours – a far more positive reaction from an encounter may be achieved.  This spell is also known as let’s-be-friends.

64. Morma’s Patches:  Breaks down any sort of discarded material – preferably but not necessarily organic – and magically weaves, sews and felts it together into a particolour, patchwork blanket of surprising warmth and ruggedness.  The blanket lasts for 8 hours, or is permanent if honestly given away as a gift to another in need.

65. Othni’s Burrow:  Digs a burrow up to 4’ wide and 12’ long, in any direction, through any material, be it earth, stone, sea, or most anything else.  Even the air, but good luck finding it.  The burrow is sound, ends in a blunt, rounded chamber slightly wider than the burrow itself, and lasts 8 hours.

66. A Bit Of Green In The Dark:  Sprouts a seedling no more than an inch tall, nestled in a translucent sphere half-filled with soil.  It can be watered by resting the sphere in the water; it will hover around the caster or whoever the spell was cast for.  So long as the seedling is tended and is not destroyed, its tender cannot be targeted by negative mental influences.  Over the span of a month it grows into … well, many possible things, depending on its treatment.

And also! These spells are released under Creative Commons — CC-BY 4.0!
Which means you can use use them in your own stuff, as long as I’m credited (or credited for the original I spose, if you radically remix —

36 Spells by taichara © 2023 by taichara is licensed under CC BY 4.0 

Dungeon23: Week Twelve

Twelve weeks! That’s basically three months by some lights 😮 A quarter of the year :O

Holy crow.

(I still need to write up at least one holy crow …)

This week is kind of random, but sometimes random happens? And hey, there could be weirder associations in a dungeon ~

As always, a larger version of the above image can be found on Mastodon ~

Dungeon23: Week Eleven

Holy crow, eleven weeks in. I just might be developing a small pile of these things :O

We have clashing creeds this week, with an invasive and violent cult trying to mow down, slaughter and/or assimilate a rotating enclave of nice chill folks —

(I actually got this one to scan reasonably competently omg)

As always, a bigger version of the image can be found here on Mastodon ~

Crackling some lotus petals, or something

Having finished up some other projects (and gotten some work- and family-related nonsense dealt with, at least for now), my thoughts are drifting back to my plan to do a new version of the Blue Lotus Hack using the Merry Mushmen’s CRACK! as a base.

(I’ll be changing the title when/if I get it done.)

Leaving aside questions like “but why not stick with The Black Hack as a base?” (answer: 1) CRACK! looks fun and I want to use it, 2) Lotus is using TBH 1e and if I’m tweaking at all, might as well go on, 3) CC feels more comfortable to use than OGL right now, 4) CRACK! looks fun and I want to use it), there’s some things I need to contend with, but that’s okie.

– The Lotus classes are front-loaded and most of them also get more ability picks as they level, which I wrote one-half because I like it (still do) and one-half because Lotus was written as much as an exercise in distraction from a miserable work situation as anything else and more stuff = more to write = more distraction.

Contrariwise, CRACK! jobs are pretty compact, which I also like. Also, if I don’t make super-elaborate jobs, then dropping in any other jobs that look cool from other sources will be easier for anyone who happens to pick up and poke at Lotus mkII.

So, how to reconcile? I could make beefier jobs — and I suspect I by and large already do, if the handful I wrote and posted up here already are any indication — but then the compact little job blocks get lost, and I like them. So what I’m probably going to do is split some up and pull out abilities and make even more jobs.

Might even use one or two of those blog ones besides.

Jobs jobs jobs.


– Related to the above: BLH has kinds, humans + three others, which amounted to a smallish bonus to one thing. CRACK! as-is uses heritage-as-job. I would definitely miss having Puss-In-Boots-but-a-wizard, though, so atm I’m thinking of working up new small traits or adapting the ones I have (and may also include optional kind-as-jobs, in case someone wants them).

– I am absolutely ripping out levels for magic spells and psionic gifts moohahahahahahaha

– The systems for the above I have no decisions on whatsoever yet and it’s not impossible I just brazenly adapt what I use in pocketrpg, lol

– There are some things that aren’t in Lotus as it stands that I am really tempted to use this opportunity to get off my arse and add in; hirelings-and-henchmen rules, frex, or (related) how to recruit in a dungeon or whatever (probably borrowing from my navel-gazing on incorporating that into pocketrpg sheerly for the lols of using it with Lost Emblem Saga).

And of course the whole general tearing out of a rules set and putting in a new one, etc etc.

In a perfect world, I’ll also be adding more critters/spells/gifts/trinkets, because I’m me. I am absolutely looking forward to writing up little starting equipment kits for each territory in Varas let me tell you (I love writing little equipment kits the last few years and now I have an excuse for Lotus ahahahahaha).

Do I have any idea when I’ll get this done? Nope. I am not putting even an estimate on, because that way lies screaming and black brain spirals and terribleness, and also every time I turn around something Stupid[tm] happens in my life and derails my plans so I’m erring on the side of “this is a personal project anyway so”.

But I want to do it.

So I’m bloody well going to try.

Dungeon23: Week Ten

Still in a cavern this week, but this time I tried to thumbnail-sketch out a smallish community down in the deep dark.

I admit this one fought me. New kind of map, trying to think of what to put in there and also squeeze it in, and this week was not what I’d call stress-free. I think I got a nice skeleton put together, at least.

Then the scanning/photo fought back and I about tore my hair out *sighs*

But I’m still here, and still trying!

A larger copy of the image can be found in this post on Mastodon ~

Dungeon23: Week Nine

I’m actually kind of proud of the fact that I’ve been able to keep these up even with outside stress and increased work hours for the last bit. No idea how long I’ll keep going but so far, I’m still enjoying things —

Tried some caverns this time, and I might need to tinker some more. I think they get the point across though; it’s good enough for me to read.

Larger image can be found on this Mastodon post ~