It took being spurred into it be getting annoyed as hell at some jerk being an attempted joykill after a week of folks making plans and sharing resources and etc etc, but I think I’m committed to giving Dungeon23 a shot.

(spite is, as ever, a wonderful motivation fuel. fuck that guy.)

Dungeon23 is the idea of Sean McCoy, who floated the notion of making one dungeon room a day, for a 365-room megadungeon by the end of 2023. This is really cool and seeing so many people also think it’s really cool has been one of the best things I’ve watched unspool in rpgland in aaaages.

But I don’t really do megadungeons, and I also do chunks of months of prompts already, and —

And, well, I can do smaller dungeons. It’s totally fine. 7-room one week dungeons. Longer 14-room or whatever dungeons. Make them so they can just daisy-chain however.

It’s all good!

I’ll probably stick with my usual kinds of themes and still basically fantasy; I have some scifi/space things dimly nibbling at me and before this came up, but I haven’t done scifi anything in a loooong time and I’d rather just go with the flow and whatever tips out of my head, especially since this is a big undertaking for me as is.

I might cruft together a weekly prompt list of my own (the gods know I have enough prompt lists of many many different kinds and lengths hoarded that I could pillage), or use Sean’s, or both. Maybe both. (probably both.)

Also, system neutral whenever possible, or as close as my brain tips out, because that’s theoretically shorter and easier.

I’m going to use Shouting Crow’s Monthly Mega Dungeon Maker notebook to write in, because I can make them as I need them and their ickle size and format means I won’t have a pile of unused journal when/if I crash out of the project. (also their notebook is both basically perfect for my needs and adorable.) There’s a bunch of other takes on Itch and elsewhere, though, as well as boughten journals and just scribbling up your own ~

If I can remember, I may make weekly or at least monthly posts on here about it, or at least take a picture of my scribblings and post it up …

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