Swordtember – paranormal


A strange-looking rapier, Wraith-Chainer is: heavier than most, and forged of blackened iron, with the razor edges of its diamond-sectioned blade plated with silver — to match the silver sculptings of twisted silk scarves that make up the basket of its hand-guard — while the grip of its hilt is worn leather over cherrywood. It has no pommel really speak of, though the metal cap that marks the butt of its hilt bears a scratched out inscription in tiny lettering, possibly once a prayer or plea for rest.

* Wraith-Chainer is like a (very unsubtle) dowsing rod for restless spirits and similar ghostly remnants; if such an entity is within 40′ of the rapier it will weep “tears” down the length of its blade. Should its bearer hold the rapier to point at the heavens, Wraith-Chainer will tug in the direction of the ghostly presence — and if there are many, it all but vibrates.

Once located, of course, such a spirit is often still out of reach — unless struck with Wraith-Chainer, which promptly lives up to its name: a ghostly echos of the blade lodges itself in the haunt’s intangible corpus, solidifying said corpus and forcing interaction with the living, physical world. This rapier “chain” lasts for one hour or until the ghost blade is pulled free by Wraith-Chainer’s bearer.

* The beloved sidearm of the exorcist and ghost-hunter Twylyth Nightwise, Wraith-Chainer is a rare example of spontaneous enchantment brought about sheerly by the proximity of the blade to Twylyth and his hunts for so many years.

The rapier’s awakened abilities were just what the dogged hunter could have wished — and even moreso when he discovered how many haunts will willingly press on, if only they had a small chance to interact or even simply speak with someone just once more, embedded blade notwithstanding.

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