Swordtember – cosmic

Sebi, the Falling Star

A surprisingly broad shortsword with a mirror-bright edge to contrast its frosted flats, Sebi is forged of an exotic metal that fell from the heavens; there’s an almost milky white undertone to its steely frost, and when tipped into the light it shimmers with a faint golden sheen. Sebi’s hilt, including its quillions — backswept crescents — and smooth sphere of a pommel-nut are forged as one with the blade; its grip is bolstered by faceted pearl plates held in place by gilded pins.

* Should its wielder choose, Sebi may — rather than, or in addition to, simply attacking and wounding — produce one of two effects when the blade is swung: a drifting wave of soft gleaming golden stardust that obscures its wielder’s location (next attack against is at disadvantage), or the release of a silver-gold shining mote that flies up to 60′ and causes damage as a dagger.

Perhaps more useful to some, however, is Sebi’s ability as a guiding star map. Held up towards the sky and panned around, regardless of time of day or state of the weather, one may see the stars as they would be, in the flat of the Falling Star’s now night-dark blade. No feature of the starry vault may be hidden from Sebi’s sight.

* Carefully and lovingly gathered from its calamitous fall, the celestial metal that became the Falling Star was forged into its current shape by the skysmith Vanai Fatehealer, and carried by that worthy for the rest of their days. It has since been passed down to a series of skysmiths, diviners, sorcerers and charters of the heavens — and more than one star-following buccaneer amongst the lot.

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