Swordtember 2022 – birthday


These are simple weapons — some are shortswords, but as many or more are daggers, or even basic belt-knives — in the blade, all of which bear the same inscription engraved into the tang, whatever else may be added to the blade’s flat: “I wish.”

Unlike the blade itself, the mountings of a Moonwish are highly individualized, with varying examples of wood or horn or ivory hilt-plates, brightly coloured tassels, sculpted or subtle or barely-present quillions, and other small touches. Many have a ring-pommel for the tassels, or for braided cords or other attachments for securing to or inside clothing (in the case of smaller blades).

* As a weapon, a Moonwish is well-made but unremarkable; an especially finely forged one may offer a sight boon (+1 to damage), but no enchantment.

Rather, a Moonwish is a protective token, if an unconventionally shaped one — it will tweak fate (a second chance at a test/save/etc) once every cycle of the moon. Or, if its owner truly desires, it may be expended completely to guarantee success in one endeavor.

* Moonwish blades are traditionally gifted, amongst the Tiliwar of the Sorgwyn River valleys, on one’s day of majority, as a tangible token of well-wishes and hopes from one’s family and hearth.

It’s a badge of pride in some such circles to be in one’s late maturity with one’s Moonwish still unexpended; it’s also considered at least a little dodgy at best to actually fight with it, unless absolutely necessary.

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