Swordtember 2022 – void


A blade that cannot — must not — be touched. A blade that does not exist.

Sheathed, when at rest, in sun-tempered golden-sheened glass or something very much like it, hilted in nothing — for it seems to hover just above its gold-flecked glassy hilt of spiraling, twisted bars — Null is an emptiness where a slender single-edged shortsword should be, a spot of endless, bottomless, eternal blackness upon the world.

It must not be touched.

Bearer beware.

* Null ignores armour, defensive magics, and essentially everything but the ability to get out of the way of its touch. That touch deals maximum damage and, if applicable, will sever a limb or other suitable chunk clean off its victim 90% of the time.

Yes, one could carve through a door or wall or whatever with Null; but doing so runs the risk of fumbling, even a little, and injuring oneself with the thing.

Beware. Null cares not about its bearer.

* A tear in the fabric of existence, bound into blade-shape and barely anchored to sorcerously infused glass? One would be forgiven for assuming this was some mad wizard’s folly.

Alas, Null is no such thing — it was screamed into existence by the final rage-fueled grief of the lone survivor of the Red Iron March against the drakkalv kingdom of Riviek, and the first use of its non-existence annihilated that survivor’s sundered heart by their own hand.

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