Swordtember – mortuary

the Graven

The swords collectively named the Graven have no one form in common; they may be long or short, delicate or workmanlike, flamberge or falx, slab-like greatsword or graceful sabre. What they do share is their making.

All Graven are simple, if well-forged, steel blades, unadorned save for an engraved inscription running along one side of the flat. Their hilts are sculpted wood stained greyish, their quillions a simple crossbar, with a plain steel pommel in which a small disc of bone has been inlaid.

* A Graven blade is placed within the tomb. That is its place, as requested by the dead or the ones who buried the dead.

Its purpose may vary, and abilities likewise: some will animate to attack violators of the grave, others give their dead owner animation to do the same; some ward off undead depredations and prevent their owner from becoming one of the unliving.

Some are actually meant to be found, their owner’s last wish inscribed on the blade.

Most Graven will injure even those immune to mundane weaponry; some double their damage against thieves, the undead, or a specific bane requested by the dead or those that buried them. Some may be capable, as noted, of independent fighting at command; they may also murmur or mindstab the departed’s last messages, or allow instantaneous transport to and from the tomb. All will cast wan light when desired.

* The Graven are forged and infused with their magics by the hands of those known, most commonly, as the Order Of Grey Shrouds Of The Final Rest. Dedicated to the will and the quietude of the dead, the Grey Shrouds see to the burial rites of all that request or require them; while not all can or do receive a Graven blade, they do not stint on the basics of funerary necessity, respect and ritual.

The Grey Shrouds are also not well pleased to see a Graven blade carried by the living unless it was meant to be.

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