Swordtember – gaudy

Pavane, the Peacock Blade

Gold, glitter, and shimmering iridescent inlays. Intricately patterned chevrons of emerald and sapphire and brass rippling down the length of this exquisitely balanced shortsword’s golden blade. A grip of braided green and blue silks beaded with gold; intricately pieced quillions in the shape of feathery fans, frames the last palm’s-span of blade, a counterpoint to the dazzling cobalt-green orb of the pommel nut.

So ostentatious is Pavane, the sword leaves a sparkling trial of emerald blue in the wake of every stab, slash and gesture.

* Pavane is meant to fascinate, to distract, and it performs its task with literally scintillating colours. Drawing the Peacock Blade, or even presenting it boldly, draws the eye of any within eyeshot not deliberately exempted by Pavane’s bearer; all others keep their attention on the sword and its wielder, to the point of attacking the source of their fascination before all other potential targets.

The effect is lost when Pavane is sheathed, its wielder is overcome, or one who is entranced fights off the fascination.

* It has since seen its fair share of flamboyant owners — not least, briefly, the Prism Wyrm Kiritylith — but Pavane’s commission was to the specifications of Golden-Eyed Jarrala, a mercenary bodyguard as famed for his colourful and eye-dazzling accoutrements as he was for being a stone-fleshed wall of warding between danger and those he contracted to protect. No expense, and no show, was too much when he was on the job, be it for a day or a decade.

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