Swordtember – cephalopod

Ooru, Deepcoil

A strange sort of blade, if “blade” is the right word — thick, and edgeless, with a texture more like violet-blue, sleek leather than any metal, roughly the size and shape of a sabre and mounted in a hilt of black coral faced with mother-of-pearl, its quillions no more than a shelly disc. Not surprisingly, Ooru bludgeons its targets rather than slashing or cutting them; so much like a tentacle frozen in place, it could not have an edge if one tried.

Ooru is oddly warm to the touch, and looks perpetually wet no matter its actual condition.

* Blunt strikes from Deepcoil are one thing, but it’s in the successful blow that the strange sabre’s phantom coil makes itself known — the victim feels the sword actually constrict around them, then release, only for a translucent tentacle of red-violet force to twine fast around them and hold them fast, paralyzed in place for anywhere from one to ten minutes, twice that if unlucky. During that time their vision is clouded by billowing darkness; all is murk and the unknown.

Deepcoil’s bearer may breathe water as easily as air. An interesting side-benefit(?): Ooru may also bestow that amhibious gift on a coiled victim, or not, as chosen by its bearer in the moment of attack.

* Accounts vary when it comes of Deepcoil’s origin. Some day it was crafted as a treaty gift between a lost sea-kingdom and the Knights Of Mercy; some day it was part of the pearlfolk’s royal regalia, never meant for the surface at all. Others still spin tales of a tentacled ruler of the deeps who sundered one of his own limbs to craft the weapon for reasons now lost.

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