Swordtember – emotion


Relatively unadorned, Bellwether is a well-balanced and often-sharpened longsword, sporting an oaken hilt studded with brass nails to match the the spots of colour on the tips of its backswept quillions. Its pommel is a smooth brass orb.

Bellwether’s one notable physical feature is the inscription engraved onto both sides of the blade: “Temper thyself, or display thine temper.”

* When Bellwether’s wielder is calm, composed, patient, or otherwise unruffled — in a neutral state, one could say — the sword has a golden gleam when swung and inflicts additional damage (as a dagger) that counts as lightning or light/sun damage, whichever would be more beneficial. (for example, undead and demons probably won’t like light, metal-armoured folks won’t appreciate lightning, etc.)

If Bellwether’s wielder is passionate or enraged, the sword erupts in flames, dealing additional damage as a shortsword (fire), but also causing minimum damage to its wielder.

If Bellwether’s wielder is fearful or shaken or mournful, the sword shrouds itself in ice and frost, dealing additional damage as a shortsword (ice), but also causing minimum damage to its wielder.

* Surely one of the more extreme examples of self-inflicted lessons in self-control, Bellwether was commissioned by one Dareth Falconheart some years ago to teach himself not only equilibrium and that self-control, but how and when to harness his wild emotions to his own will.

The “small pains” of the first lesson, and beyond, Dareth considered worth the utility of the second. (other opinions have varied about this peculiar self-sacrificing habit, though it was certainly effective!)

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