Swordtember 2022 – dragon

Mairi’s Rapier

A slim, elegant weapon, this rapier is forged of curiously cloud-patterned steel that almost distracts one from the sword’s bare core — a sliver of rippled, golden-pink dragon horn that runs nearly the entire length of the blade.

The hilt is braided silver wirework wrapped around steel; the hand-guard is wrought to resemble intricate knotwork, and the pommel-nut is a cloudy bit of rose quartz carved in the shape of a rose about to blossom.

* Mairi’s rapier grants insight to its bearer — while engaged in a duel, physically or otherwise, the one who bears the rapier may intuit one secret or weakness, however fleeting, of their opponent.

The blade pierces dragonscale like paper, ignoring all draconic armour or other defenses. It’s core flashes with pink-gold light when it wounds a dragon of any variety.

* Mairi Dawnfire was an acclaimed duelist, bodyguard for hire and occasional informant of many stripes, known throughout the Five Dukedoms for her bravery, her wit, and her signature flashing blade.

Those who were surprised when, as years wore on, Mairi swore undying loyalty to Duchess Asheya were few; the same cannot be said for the day after Asheya’s death and the grief-fueled revelation of Mairi’s true identity of Mairahiyan, the Dawnwing Drake.

That very evening she passed on her rapier to an admirer and flew eastward, not to be seen again.

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