Swordtember 2022 – potion

Kalaila’s Fluid

Under most circumstances, this enchantment is a metallic liquid found in many different possible colours (frosted silver, gold, carmine and turquoise-bronze are all common), stored in a bulbous flask of heavily waxed leather or sometimes thick stoneware. The amount of liquid varies, and the stuff tastes salty and oddly citrusy, with a slightly bloody aftertaste.

When in an active state, the Fluid is a sleek organic-looking metal blade — size dependent on the amount of Fluid consumed — all of one piece with hilt and quillions, in the same colour.

* On its own, Kalaila’s Fluid is basically useless (unless one has a use for non-toxic metallic liquid). What one needs to do is drink the stuff down fast; then, at any time over the next 12 hours, one can summon up the Fluid blade through one’s very flesh and be armed in an instant, with no warning. The Fluid will harm targets immune to mundane weaponry, but has no other intrinsic abilities.

If not summoned to the surface after 12 hours, the Fluid forcibly expels itself through the pores, dealing injury equal to twice the damage it would inflict as a proper blade.

* The Fluid was by far one of Kalaila’s most popular creations, and the signature sigil-stamped flasks can be found in treasure hoards, thieve’s packs, noble wardrobes and all manner of other discreet places, as far-ranging as the Blue Forest clear through the empire of Naruste and beyond.

Now, if one found the formula

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