Swordtember 2022 – skeleton

Irivan, the Bone Cage

Shaped of bone — of what kind of bone, tales differ, though human, immortal and leopard are most commonly spoken of — with the strength of adamantine, Irivan is the pared-down essence of a sword, a wickedly sharp ribbon of pale cream razor framing nothing but a void. The bare bone outline of a blade, pared down to the essential killing edge.

This shade of a slender longsword sockets into a hilt of fused vertebrae, wrapped in soft and slightly fraying white silks; its quillions are slips of bone, almost nonexistent, and its pommel is a simple bone ring.

* Shaped, sharpened and bound by the bone-priests of the Pale Wish cloister, Irivan was commissioned as a token of favour by Soul-Devouring Eshar for their most loyal grave-rose cavalier, Rurien the Ashen. It is possible that Rurien rides still, Bone Cage in bloodless hand, with tales enough to back up the rumours; there are stories, also, of lesser copies of the blade, and these are supposedly hunted down by the wrathful, mourning cavalier.

* Irivan is an enchanted weapon for all purposes, granting increased skill and greater lethality (+1 attack, +2 damage; or equivalent), and, despite its origins, it grants its bearer protection against other death-magics (+2 to tests against necromancy or soul-affecting effects). However, should it deal the killing blow to a victim, that is when the Bone Cage earns its name: the soul of the slain is trapped in the sword’s void, a shimmering roil of spirit essence.

Irivan’s wielder may call on the trapped soul’s knowledge, or their prowess (battle skill, sorceries known, and so forth) seven times before the soul is extinguished. Or, they may choose instead to release their captive at any time, even after inflicting wounds upon that soul. Failing one or the other, the Bone Cage will keep its captive indefinitely.

Irivan may only cage one soul at a time.

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