Swordtember 2022

I’m going to try to do Swordtember this year despite my everything going to absolute fuck within the last week. I’ll be posting a sword a post, not collating them this time; sorry for the feed clutter, but some might get just too long to stuff 30 swords into one post. I’ll try to link them all back on this master post, though.

I’ll be using Tim Kaminski’s prompt table; I liked parts of some others, but this one looks best for me, especially right now.

Some entries might be wordy, some short. It really depends not just on inspiration, but how much I have in me to expend at any given time depending on future events in my rollercoaster life.

All that said, on to the first sword.

30 Sept /22: Through family drama, hurricane and even covid, here we are.

The last sword.

01. “gothic”: Joyeuse
02. “skeleton”: Irivan, the Bone Cage
03. “potion”: Kalaila’s Fluid
04. “crystal”: Petal Of The World
05. “dragon”: Mairi’s Rapier
06. “emotion”: Bellwether
07. “cephalopod”: Ooru, Deepcoil
08. “gaudy”: Pavane, the Peacock Blade
09. “mortuary”: the Graven
10. “royal”: Landsblood
11. “mythological”: Arete
12. “void”: Null
13. “birthday”: Moonwish
14. “cosmic”: Sebi, the Falling Star
15. “paranormal”: Wraith-Chainer
16. “rot”: Prideblight
17. “topiary”: Cuvan, Root-Running-Deep
18. “geometric”: Principle Of Order
19. “moss”: Freshpick
20. “shattered”: Talenen, the Sundered Soul
21. “musical”: Elegy
22. “nordic”: Waycutter
23. “iconic”: Crown Of Glory
24. “morbid”: Tany
25. “noodle”: Anvi’s Clever Flick
26. “monster”: Pearl Diviner’s Claw
27. “volcanic”: Exile’s Fury
28. “fuzzy”: Greyspark
29. “monochromatic”: Magpie
30. “guardian”: Eyes Of The Moon

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