Ten 20(-or less)-Word Rings

Another post. But why not, because why not; and it’s cheaper than therapy …

These actually are a bit shorter than the ones from the dragons post, but the flipside of that is that rings are harder to find words to describe the basics of them with without repeating. Aah well. It was still a nice little exercise —

01. Gold, this, roughly hammered and still half raw from the earth, yet strangely appealing
02. A circlet of tiny silver links frozen into place, solid and delicate all at once
03. This signet is carved from a single piece of milky jade, its face sporting a lost academy’s sigil
04. It should burn the flesh, but this slender loop of eternal flame is merely soothingly warm
05. Shivering menace radiates from a segment of viridian demon’s bone, polished from years of wear
06. The delicate miniature landscape enamelled around this steel band is protected by a crystal facing
07. Interlocking segments of ivory and coral make this ring as much puzzle as ornament
08. Simple, and poignant; a tiny braid of chestnut hair, ends interwoven together
09. Crudely forged, this hoop of blackened iron incongruously sports a flawless amber cabochon
10. Twisted together, three rods of glass — ruby, violet, emerald — catch the light when one gestures

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