Ten 20-Word Dragons

In continuing effort to do at least something, I decided to tinker with the writing exercise in this Twitter thread (@SixFeetZen) and see how things went.

I chose dragons instead of swords, mainly because if I do Swordtember next month I probably don’t want to be all sworded out (what with already doing fancy sword npcs last month and all) and hey, why not, because dragons. So here we are, ten dragons, twenty words each. One or two might be more like nineteen. *eh* They didn’t get short, though, because I’m a wordy arsehole.

01. Malagautha coils like a ribbon of coppery patience, holding close every clipped coin and whispered rumour lovingly acquired.
02. Slate-scaled, gaunt and tattered, slain thrice over, Bruxirtax spits caustic hate through yellowed fangs and dares mortals to try again.
03. Solid as a mountain, Gorgeth ripples with muscle beneath grey and indigo mottling and has not lost a challenge yet.
04. Rainbow halos and gleaming flashes cascade from Iishinu’s willowy, snow-white coils as the drake, laughing, prepares another sorcerous spectacle.
05. Twin ridges of black scutes line Orobineth’s tawny back, matching unblinking obsidian eyes as cold and emotionless as the void.
06. Carrastine the Imperial, with ember wings and molten horns, breathes burning vengeance against a wrong made a thousand years past.
07. Let the brutes scheme and slaughter; grass green Narys chooses to barter songs for secrets, jade hornlets for grimoires.
08. Almost feline in both build and temperament, Kistunach stalks through the forest on heavy paws, striped in soot and malachite.
09. Broken antlers mark shamed Agroek as treasure-lost; the bitter wyrm gathers minions, scars of failure still bright on brazen flanks.
10. Azure Durut enforces oaths with witchery, silver talons and gilded tongue, in dragon shape and a score of human guises.

I may do more of these; it was challenging, but not frustrating. Maybe I can even get them a little shorter sometimes, lol.

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