Quick Fancy Foodstuffs

It is too hot and too gross right now, omg. *_* Summer can waltz off a wharf, I swear.

So I haven’t been generating much brainpower the last few weeks — because summer, wharf, etc — but I did do this little table at … some point over the long weekend chaos last weekend so, eh, why not share?

You’ll have to decide exactly what your result is (chicken, pomelo, dandelion greens, golden rice, angel’s heart, whatever), but hopefully a bit of inspiration strikes ~

d10 TasteSourceTypeForm
01. tangyheavenlyfruitpreserves
02. sweetvoidwroughtfatdumplings
03. unctuouscarriongrainfilet
04. floralinfernalgreenscakes
05. sourcrystallicfleshnoodles
06. muskyantediluvianberrysoup
07. earthyrefinedsyruppudding
08. bitterprimalvegetablepickle
09. saltyilluminarysealiferoast
10. savourychthonicbonerations
yes, some of these combos raise some questions; how would you answer them ~?

2 thoughts on “Quick Fancy Foodstuffs

  1. Love the inclusion of “unctuous” on this list. As for the questions, I can’t wait for the first time I have to explain what “carrion fruit” is. But then, that’s the joy of this sort of table.


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