Dicember 2021 – door

Doors in dungeons seem to exist to get kicked in, picked open, or otherwise be just the briefest of speedbumps between adventurers and wherever they want to go next.

Which is fair enough, sure; but what if the occasional doorway was just a little bit different –?

01. A typical metal-bound dungeon door, nothing unusual, but the door frame is lined with holes on its inner surface. Hmm.
02. Pale and grey-tawny, weirdly fibrous and chitinous; is it grown from fungus? Is this a living mycelial slab?
03. In the middle of a grim dim dungeon is this door. A door of delicate, jewel-coloured, lead-framed, stained glass artistry. It seems to swing freely …
04. Pinned to the door itself is a tattered, tanned hide of some once-scaled beast with TURN BACK NOW scrawled across the spotty leather in scorchmarks.
05. The heavy wooden door lies wide open; hanging in the middle of the doorway is a slowly whirling orange-violet vortex. Which tugs ever so insistently, yes it does.
06. A steel grille, like those found in actual imprisoning dungeons — except the crossbeams are tongues of flame, and the bars are twining serpents that write if you don’t look directly at them.
07. If the door is as reflective as a mirror, what does that say about the other side? What about if you hand starts to sink into the reflection if you don’t open the door fast enough?
08. Oh. Oh dear. This black-stained door is almost entirely invisible beneath a dense layer of rusted chains and corroded locks running through massive metal loops on the door itself, on the walls, one to the ceiling, one to the roof …
09. Painted in painstakingly thin and precise pinstripes: yellow, pink, leaf green, white, robin’s egg blue, raspberry, fox orange, pale violet.
10. The door, all its fittings, and even its frame are all cast from rippled glass. And there are visible, hairline cracks.
11. Two door-leaves greet you in one frame: the left painted copper and fitted with blood-stained copper, the right bleached pearly white and trimmed with unblemished steel. The handles meet in the middle, talons clasping slender fingers. Which do you reach for?
12. As soon as anyone comes within three feet, the upper half of the door swings down — hi there, welcome to Gurruk’s Sandwich Bar, whadda ya like today?

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