Dicember 2021 – food

Oh what a wonderful day! Your latest exploits have gone well, you’ve licked your wounds, you’ve got freshly-acquired coin burning a hole in your stash, and you’ve just come across a whole new tavern. New to you and yours, anyway.

In fact, it looks like the place might have a few specialties on the menu alongside the usual wholemeal loaves, eternal stew, cheese wheels, seasonal veggies and the local poultry. Why, they might even have more than just water and four different kinds of ale on tap!

So, what does this wondrous find have on offer?

1d4 rolls per table for extra fun!


01. winterbite perry
02. dandelion wine
03. drakesbreath wine
04. duskberry cordial
05. fern broth
06. lemonbalm tea
07. moonmead
08. angelsblood
09. hail ale
10. six-saint cider
11. mint-and-violet tea
12. silver smallbeer

Small Eats

01. treerabbit skewers
02. roasted garlic with peppergrass
03. bloodrose fritters
04. pan-fried nightquail
05. marrowbones with salt-dust
06. grilled muskmelon
07. mixed candied locusts
08. bacon tartlets
09. golden boar trotters
10. poached peaches
11. blue moon cheese and oatcakes
12. herb-stuffed mushrooms

Big Eats

01. blood pudding and parsnip chunks
02. venison pie with broth and ryebread
03. grilled whole mooncarp on greens
04. drakewing soup with doughboys
05. dark-spiced beef roast with baked pudding
06. jeweled-lentil soup with walnut bread
07. hand-pulled noodles and greens in mushroom broth
08. pearltrout and pin-mussel chowder
09. mincemeat pie and roasted apples
10. glazed golden boar ribs over floral rice
11. rosemary and garlic-seared chicken with diced potato
12. softshell emerald crab with butter biscuits

Trail Eats

01. ash-pickled eggs
02. vegetable medley pasties
03. maple-salted jerky
04. vinegared blood
05. roasted hazelnut-currant mix
06. smoked eel braids
07. poppyseed honeycakes
08. pumpkin seed bars
09. herb-salted golden boar fatback
10. pepper pork dumplings
11. cherry rice cakes
12. smoked mussel packets

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