Dicember 2021

I posted more in October of this year than I ever did before, tackling four different prompt tables of various lengths and sneaking a bit of other things in sidewise. November was, predictably, a dead zone (after a few wee game jam entries on Itch), because I burned myself out bad.

But now it’s December and — though I have other ideas and projects slowly percolating around in my brainpan — Dyson Logos has offered up such an awesome set of prompts for this month I can’t help but give it a shot. šŸ˜€

I’ve got no particular set form (critters, magic, whatever) in mind for these so, alas, I’ll probably be trying to make individual blog posts. Apologies for incoming bittyposts all over the place?

Onward ~

01. Ammo
02. Ice
03. Child
04. Rage
05. Blade
06. Shame
07. Daemon
08. Present
09. Night
10. Skull
11. Forest
12. Help
13. Food
14. Ooze
15. Snow
16. Unholy
17. Nap
18. Balefire
19. Runic
20. Huge
21. Push
22. Door
23. Slow
24. Tower
25. Arcane
26. Boss
27. Gold
28. Toxin
29. Ghost
30. Reverse
31. World

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