Dicember 2021 – ammo

There’s folks all over the Edge that make their livelihoods from fishing out bits and bobs, curios and curiosities, unique materiel and stranger things from the primordia that washes up through the Ribbon Sea and seeps through the lands of the Edge —

And then there’s the folks who sieve nodules of calcified chaos through silk-silver nets and think, these shimmering pearls would make wonderful things to bonk someone with.

It does take all kinds.

And some of the shifting pearly things are actually good for the purpose! Non-murderous purpose, even!


Nodules of potential harvested from primordia, varying in size from hazelnut to walnut or thereabouts. Used as slingstones, they deliver various effects instead of injury, usually predictable from their colour (but not always — and some rarities may combine effects); some examples follow:

Grey: Paralysis for 2-20 minutes
Golden: Target struck glows like candle for one hour
Scarlet: Heals last received injury / mends last damage dealt
Rose: Disorientation for 4-16 minutes
Cobalt: Displaces target 50′ in random direction (back/forward/left/right) and unoccupied area
Emerald: Tiny plants and fungi slowly grow over target over next 24 hours
Smoke: Sluggish and half-responsive for 2-12 minutes

3 thoughts on “Dicember 2021 – ammo

  1. This is terrific. I especially like the idea of silk-silver tucked away neatly in there just under the radar. I have a soft spot for weapons that don’t do damage but do inflict a status effect or a unique event.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I just kind of liked the idea of some random soul getting the inspiration to heff something ~exotic and precious~ (well, to a degree anyway) at a target with gleeful results, and the rest went from there ~

      Thanks kindly :3


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