six tables of unusual kit

Or, what happens when I’m hauled to work four hours early with a likelihood of working 60+ hours in a week if complete catastrophe’s finally landed *coughs*

So I found six table headers with no tables in an otherwise full-up notebook. And I may have gone a little ham, or something, lol. In any case here’s some options to roll or choose for your fighty things, for your magicky things, and what fancy healing (it’s healing, right? you sure?) enchantments you’re sticking in your system — none of this is written to have fancy mechanical effects attached (that weird thing still stabs like a sword, or an arrow, or whatever), but feel free to extrapolate whatever you like.

d12Edged Weapons
01.ancient jawbone lined with razor teeth, grip wrapped with reddened silks
02.solid-light prismatic-plane array; winged blade-saint
03.alabaster sabre that regenerates chips, cracks and splinters
04.a shard of the moon; pale, creamy, glowing softly
05.gnarled twist of organic iron, black and sporting staring blue carbuncles
06.angel’s feather, bright as dawn and sharp as betrayal
07.hovering porcelain talons, hooked and vicious, that follow your hands
08.fused kaleidoscape of wickedly sharpened glass from a dead sanctuary
09.spiraling horn snapped from one of the Ten Great Beasts
10.a frozen flame, blue-golden and ragged
11.fae-circuited folding fan of rainbow shards, thin as a breath
12.the ghost of a blade, a colourless hollow limned with pale burning
as: swords, daggers, axes, knives, etc etc
d12Non-edged Weapons
01.orbiting sphere, glowing like bright glass, the size of two fists eternally-flowering branch of blood cherry
03.a stiffened silversteel limb, shedding clockwork dust, claw clutching a brass disc
04.fingerless demonhide gloves lined with bloodiron plates engraved with hymns
05.coiled lash of braided crystal filaments retractable to a heavy donut-shaped wristlet
06.ectoplasmic beast that screams and charges then dissipates until called again
07.fluttering red and gold ribbons that waft weightlessly in the breeze but strike like lead
08.a dead star core encaged by the claws of a bluesteel chain
09.a slab of black basalt, holes for gripping roughly hacked out
10.a calcified plume of phoenix’s breath
11.a perfectly calibrated steel orb of the skies, in a golden frame and grip
12.piston-driven arcanosteam impactor, gleaming moonsteel and glowing crystal
as: maces, hammers, picks, etc etc
d12Distance Weapons
01.bioenamel implant on limb that exudes sharp, detachable and aerodynamic scales
02.deep blue teardrop on golden thread that quivers in light and casts darts of colourless flame
03.folding crossbow like great wings, of intricate ivory and gold clockwork
04.flickering lightning chain that flashes away and returns in an eyeblink
05.razored butterfly wings, as broad as one’s forearm is long
06.a dragon’s gleaming whisker stringing a bow carved from its spur
07.battle halo that launches bolts of scintillant light
08.a swarm of copper-and-emerald clockwork dragonflies
09.thorned diadem that calls translucent hell-ivy from the earth
10.delicate golden technotiara that burns like the sun when thrown and returns with a thought ice flute whose music becomes notes of shimmering solid sound
12.necrotech sangrecaster, ghostly icicle of crystal formed around blood-droplets core
as: bows of all kinds, crossbow, throwing knives, hatchets, etc etc
d12Protective Gear
01.articulated bone carapace that surfaces when a threat arises
02.delicate gossamer robe woven from angel’s ichor
03.array of whirring, flying sapphire orbs that intercept blows of runic circuitry inlaid into the skin
05.carpet of ever-shifting, ever-moving emerald ants
06.ruby carbuncles embedded at all pulse points, absorbing misfortune
07.ivory plates linked with golden hair, carved from an idol’s flesh
08.maille carved of martyr’s bone and prayer-amber
09.four hovering, glowing, rotating phantasmic shields
10.a watchful ghost-guardian; plasm and foxfire eyeshine
11.whirling, whispered ashen secrets of a fallen faith iron and tears forged into an elaborate technowork carapace
armour is as armour does, but …
d12Spell Repositories
01.shards of cranial vault engraved with blood-red ochre
02.sealed crystal ampoules of strange fluids in jewel-bright colours
03.greenstone plaques embossed with notation in gold and silver
04.waterfalling strings of tiny beads of all material, making tactile patterns
05.hard-light glyphs weaving in slow orbits unless contained
06.tissue-thin scarves soft as moth wings and rippled with watermarks jewels in burning colours that adhere to the pineal eye
08.patterns in the fur of moon-eyed cats
09.congealed prayer-jewels stolen from a holy font infinitely-unfurling rose blossom
11.miniscule glass idols embedded into the skin
12.thumbnail mirrors polished from pearlshell and sewn to bright linens
spells? on paper?
01.indigo oyster
02.runic marrowbone
03.blood pastille
04.iridescent extract-pebble
05.softly glowing dust
06.honeyed earthgrub
07.jewel-urchin gonads
08.crystal ampoule injection (do not confuse with spell repository or vice versa)
09.viscous mirror-silver eyedrop
10.crushed pearl (take with wine)
11.skystag musk-paint
12.hundred-year fruitcake
you sure you want to dose yourself with that?

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