Knightober 2021 – breastplate

“I like to be able to move more freely, and that strikes me as adding extra weight for Swift …”

Liamath’s companion for the evening, a lean wanderer from Neshin’s great plainslands to the south who gave her name as Rekhi — gazed contemplatively at the plate of gleaming steel-lacquer she was cleaning, looked across the fire to Liamath, then shook her head with a chuckle. Her dark eyes gleamed with an amusement that Liamath found infectious —

“If I rode a toothy beast like yours through twisty trees and around glittering growths like yours, I’d no doubt think the same thing! It’s worth it, though, even with the maintenance, having a bit more between me and whatever barbs get flung my way. Tamma doesn’t seem to mind.”

Tethered a respectable distance from campfire and Swift both, the sturdy bay mare in question looked up at the mention of her name, then quieted. For his own part, Swift had settled into a comfortable loafing kneel and was dozing away.

All in all, it was a pleasant evening, with unexpected but welcome company, and Liamath welcome the chance to chat and talk shop a little with a fellow knight. In the morning they would part ways — he back on his wandering circuit, she to make her way east towards Urulaya — but for now, time enough for a brace of partridges over the flames and a bit of rose-mead to share between them.


Neshi Plating: Not actually a solid breastplate — and not solid steel, either, despite its appearance. Cunningly linked smaller, articulated plates composed of multiple layers of steelsilk lacquered together and shaped to conform to upper torso, shoulders, abdomen and back are attached by stitches and riveting to a normal steelsilk base. The plating offers more protection than plain steelsilk, but requires near-daily maintenance of its lacquer.

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