Kith and Kind

Maybe you don’t want to play a human character today. Or you want to give this NPC something more than “this human duder”. But the game you’re playing or running doesn’t offer non-human options, or you don’t want to deal with “race-as-class”, or you just want some flavour, etc etc etc …

That’s where these two tables come in.

The first table offers a selection of other species — kiths, if you will — with a few suggestions for appearance and two traits or quirks, positive and negative. The second table instead presents variants, whether from environment or accident or intervention or what have you — the “kinds” of the kiths — and this table works similarly to the first.

You can, of course, only roll on the second table to find out what kind of human your character is.

The positive and negative traits have been left vague; you can probably assume most that are a do-a-thing type (like making or destroying something) can require some kind of test or check for success, if you like.

01. Sidhetapered ears, slender bonesperfect recallget lost in memories
02. Saurosscales, tail, fanged muzzlesurprise actioncold vulnerability
03. Mafdetbipedal felinenightsightdistractable
04. Damadigitigrade, hooved, plumed tailspeedyfragile
05. Dvergrshort, burly, shaggy-hairedsense flawstreasure-tempted
06. Boggart1/2-human-size, gnarledirongutsredcap’s retaliation
07. Asterionbroad, tall, bull’s horns and taildirection sensegeased
08. Gruagach1/2-human-size, pointed earsstealthyoverlooked
09. Wilderlarge furred ears, tail or fangsjury-riggermagic vulnerability
10. Gigastowering, sculpted, tusks or hornscrusherslow reaction
11. Seshenenfolding “blossom” on backblossom hibernationflame vulnerability
12. Talking Beastanimal with odd mark or colourmagic resistno hands
interpret traits, or add concrete definitions, as required
KindPossible Apperance?PositiveNegative
01. Ceruleanblue spiral-and-line markingsspirit sightpoison vulnerability
02. Sanguinesharper features, fangssustained on bloodblood need
03. Damnedhoof(s), lopsided horns, scaled tail evil eyeblessed object bane
04. Hallowedaureola, stigmata, bright plumesbestow tranquilitydefiled object bane
05. Aquaticsmooth flesh, gill slits, webbingbreathe waterrequire immersion
06. Lunarwhite/silver hair, pale/luminous eyesmagic resisteasily influenced
07. Umbralcoiling shadow wisps, blacked eyeslight extinguishingsun aversion
08. Nuadanparts replaced by metal/porcelaininbuilt weapon/toolelemental vulnerable
09. Gravedeathly looks, cauled eyesillness immune halve healing
10. Verdantgreen tint, tiny plant growthshalf food requiredneed sunlight
11. Warp“cracks” in flesh glowcall object to handmagic may fail
12. Wyrmscales, horns, odd exhalationsvenom breathtreasure-tempted
13. Espriorganic jewel in fleshmindspeechfrail-bodied
14. Celestianstarfield eyes, star-markingssense fatedestined death
15. Abyssianretractile tentaclesomnidextrousincreased hunger
16. Faeodd colours, mismatched eyes, long earsluckyiron bane
17. God-kindivine aura, golden flesh, holy markdivine instrumentgeased
18. Runicmarked with runes/glyphs/sigilsspell storagefickle fate
19. Luminousbioluminescent markings, soft glowcandlelightdarkness poison
20. Skinwalkersilvery mark, pelt of other shapeshapechangelose pelt, lose gift
as above so below: interpret or codify as needed

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