a little variety in your ration options

Ever wonder what’s sitting in your ration sack? Or if you even have a “ration sack”?

Here’s a few tables to spice up your character’s meal options ~

First RationSecond RationThird Ration
01. Mincemeat hand-pies01. Biscuit01. Waxed cheese rounds
02. Smoked salmon slivers02. Apple rings02. Oatcakes
03. Yoghurt grains03. Vegetable pickles03. Parched corn
04. Beef jerky04. Cracked wheat04. Raisins
05. Pounded rice cakes05. Dried persimmons05. Mixed lentils
06. Salted locusts06. Hardtack06. Peach leather
07. Salt pork backfat07. Peppered sausages07. Cornmeal
08. pemmican with berries08. Candied melon08. Milk balls
09. Smoked ham09. Dried figs09. Hazelnut meal
10. Meat jelly10. Potato hand-pies10. Dried cranberries
11. Blood sausages11. Oat groats11. Algae cakes
12. Jerked duck12. Dried dates12. Fish pickle
a lot of these assume access to water; but if you don’t have water you’re kind of screwed anyway
What’s your grub in?Condition?
01. Hollowed horn01. Bit salty(ier)
02. Leather sack02. Average grub
03. Rawhide satchel03. Little stale
04. Willow basket04. A bit past prime
05. Waxed cloth wrap05. Fresh as it gets
06. Burlap sack06. Average grub
07. Tin box07. Tasty!
08. Bark box08. Oddly sweet(er)
09. Grass basket09. Definitely past prime
10. Cloth bundle (stick optional)10. Average grub
11. Wooden box11. Rancid …
12. Dried gourd12. Grub of the gods
it’s all a question of how you keep it, and how it was kept, really. maybe.

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