a plethora of potion possibilities

You’re stocking treasure and lo, a potion result! Well that’s nifty. You add an extra, just because; potions are convenient little one-shot wonders and there’s generally a nice variety to choose from, stumble over, and accidentally mix.

Then the group starts asking all kinds of questions about the things that aren’t just “what does it do” and your neurons freeze up like you licked an icebox. Augh! Details! Why!

heeeellllppppp —

So here are some tables to spruce up your potions (or anything else that might come in a small vaguely bottle-like container), inside and out ~

Container: ShapeContainer: Material IContainer: Material IIContainer: Colour
01. tubular01. blown glass01. celadon01. cobalt
02. spherical02. oxbone02. jade02. amber
03. ovoid03. cedar03. agate03. ginger
04. mawed skull04. cockleshell04. flower petals04. leaf green
05. heart05. horn05. lacquer05. milk
06. prism06. crystal06. steel06. charcoal
07. jewel07. silver07. coral07. rose
08. pyramidal08. leather08. oak08. cinnabar
09. rectangular09. human bone09. bronze09. smoke
10. human skull10. amber10. porcelain10. sandy
11. teardrop11. tortoiseshell11. dragonscale11. golden
12. talon12. feathers12. angel bone12. iridescent
yes combining these things gives some grand results ahaha

Contents: AppearanceContents: ColourContents: Scent Contents: TasteContents: Texture
01. murky01. carmine01. mint01. acidic01. bubbling
02. glittering02. heliotrope02. citrus02. sweet02. gritty
03. opaque03. sable03. blood03. bitter 03. syrupy
04. transparent04. verdigris 04. marrow04. metallic04. gelatinous
05. cloudy 05. bronze05. ash05. earthy05. batter-like
06. prismatic06. ochre06. honey06. unctuous06. watery
07. shifting07. amethyst07. bacon07. salty07. effervescent
08. layered08. silvery08. roses08. flat08. clumping
09. quivering09. ivory08. musk09. putrid09. chunky
10. slushy10. mirror10. ocean10. bready10. pasty
11. drying11. golden11. grass11. flesh11. smooth
12. solid12. pearl12. myrrh12. electric12. sandy
oh boy what are we trying to swallow this time