potential plans and other such nonsense

A post with no actual useful content. I feel like I should hide under the floorboards >.>;; But at least it’s about what I’d like to do re: content, so there’s that — or things I’m contemplating, and things that could stand to be shuffled off the back burner at some point if only I could stop being tired.

No particular order …

* Get back to the spacehack, because it mostly just needs some new equipment/toys and maybe a handful of example treasures/trinkets/whatevers and then I could try to flog it into working shape? Maybe attach a sample mini-setting or starter area? It’s written to go with BLH/TBH 1e but is probably system-agnostic enough to bolt onto other things by dint of that alone?

* Try that “write a campaign start in five weeks” workbook and see what I get. Not necessarily the spacehack (though see above), I might have a vague inkling of something else already.

* Maybe think a bit more on an admittedly flip notion of making a pocketmod of critters/spells/treasures/prodigies etc for each colour of the rainbow, and then reassembling them in the end into a single larger (quarter-page? I like quarter-pages I think) zine afterwards.

* I could probably stand to start writing random notions and ideas in a notebook again …

* Make the bloody pocketmod companion for Neon Burning Skies, already, damnit.

* Slay the goddamn brainweasels that keep trying to gnaw my face off for tinkerings not being unique enough or brutal enough or insightful enough or whatever-else enough. *sighs*

There’s probably other things — and I’ve really wanted to just write some more trinkets and enchantments and spells etc (maybe themed critter groups?) but omfg the entire world right now I swear —


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