The Blue Lotus Hack

Well, here we are.

In 2018, I (after several years of tinkering and talking myself into it) released the Blue Lotus Hack on Drivethrurpg under the name Vai Earthflame, a level of separation that I needed to turn the thing loose at all.

Once I started nosing around the scene again (on Twitter), I alluded to the thing, and then eventually named it, but still did nothing else with it. But I still have some things I’d like to do — some more critters, some more bits and snips and shiny objects — and I can’t readily do that here on the blog without the thing, while adding the things to the Fanged Moon blog would be even more awkward than it initially felt at the time.

So here’s the Blue Lotus Hack, another iteration on the first edition of The Black Hack, with a pile of critters and some treasures and a mini-gazetteer of the setting of Varas. It’s Pay What You Want, because my layout skills are just as non-existent now as they were then; it’s not fancy, it doesn’t have nice art, but it’s (I hope!) readable and does that job well enough.

But it does feel nice to have this actually on my name.

The Blue Lotus Hack —

The Blue Lotus Hack — Drivethrurpg

2 thoughts on “The Blue Lotus Hack

  1. I’ve just read through the BLH rules for the first time, and I have a question… (well, probably more than one, but one for now)

    “Armour provides protection by reducing all incoming damage. Each
    type will reduce damage by a limited amount. Armour Points are
    regained after a character rests. Once the player has used armour to
    absorb its maximum amount, they are too tired or wounded to make
    effective use of it again—they then begin taking full damage.”

    Does this mean that, for instance, chain mail (6AP) will absorb a TOTAL of 6 damage before becoming useless for the rest of the day? If that’s not the case, how does it decrease?


    1. Armour (like your chain example) will deplete its points in any combat where ther wearer of said armour takes said damage, and once the AP run out the damage goes to hit points.

      “Rest” is a chance to rest (regroup, take a breather, cook that giant turtle, study a map, gossip with the locals …) and is assumed to be ~an hour as per Resting (p. 23) — but individual tables can always choose to lower that even further, even resetting AP after every battle.


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