[spacehack] Who Lives In The Void?

Of course, what are the Void and the Shard Sea without someone — or several someones — to inhabit them and the worlds found within them?

Sample Kinds

Haouu (Owlfolk)
Tall, sturdy and feathered, with small wings folding neatly away, taloned hands and feet and the visages of tufted-eared owls
– Advantage against illusion, charm or other mystifying effect

Miuren (Catfolk)
A kith sporting retractile claws, an expressive tail, a soft pelt of fur and the features of a domestic feline
– Advantage on a test to avoid damage of any kind 1/day

Sebau (Shardfolk)
-Humanlike, sporting a scatter of tiny “false stars” in the hair and eyes of brilliant jewel colours
– mindspeak with Nearby sapients

Melitti (Beefolk)
Bipedal, fuzzy bee people, with four arms, two wings and variable colours to their plush
– create simple tools at will

Parad (Greenfolk)
Sapient plant people varying from green-tinted exemplars of other folk to gnarled wood-wights and all gradations between
– Advantage to resist or overcome poison and disease and similar afflictions

Kinds Table

01. Beefolk 05. Daemonen 09. Glitterwing 13. Crystalin 17. Greenscales
02. Human 06. Brazen Ones 10. Fair Folk 14. Minotauros 18. The Wise
03. Ghuls 07. Sebau 11. False Angels 15. Bonefolk 19. Shadowalkers
04. Alabastri 08. Parad 12. Wolfen 16. Living Lights 20. Naga


And, if you fancy adding a change or two, some physical quirks:

01. bits of body replaced by living copper, starvine, bloodwood, crystal, royal resin 11. oddly-coloured or luminescent blood
02. third eye, round and gemlike 12. corpse eyes
03. additional pair of slender limbs 13. antennae, or extra antennae
04. moonblade tusks 14. bioluminescent strands in hair or other pelage
05. bioluminescent patterns 15. symbiotic algae in skin or pelage
06. perpetually charred flesh patches 16. glassy nails or claws
07. one or more pairs of slender translucent tentacles 17. molts unusual dust (golden, iridescent, ashy, tiny scales, pollen)
08. brassy scales, feathers or fur in patches 18. implanted voidbloom
09. bone thorns 19. drinks blood/ichor
10. a tail, or an extra tail 20. filmy or glassy vestigial wings (of any kind)

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