[Troika] Anuran Knight of Pearl and Glass

It took some doing, preparing yourself for your next metamorphosis, not so physically dramatic as you previous change perhaps but one yet ripe with meaning. Striding gracefully, you wield sword and secrets in the service of all, even those put off by your translucently dappled skin and bulbous golden eyes.

And if they doubt your heart, well, it’s there for all to see.


* vine-and-glass sword
* pearly tea set
* letters of vows and secrets
* pistolet
* fancy ever-wet satin blouse (treat as light armour)

Advanced Skills

* 3 Acrobatics
* 1 Sword Fighting
* 2 Climb
* 2 Etiquette
* 2 Spell – Life Line
* 1 Spell – random

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