[spacehack] Some space critters

Comet Lobster
1 HD
Only has 1d4 hp; Clinging Pinch does 1 damage every moment after attack unless removed
Cold, pale, tasty, vicious, and comes in swarms.

1 HD
Mocking Banter makes adversary lose next action on failed WIS test.
Folks of all kinds take up the pirate’s life, but these folks consider themselves experts.

1 HD
1d2 Claws, 50% chance to warn of incoming danger to ship
Sleek, proper, and said to grant favours to captains who treat them well; honest mousers, too!

Dazzle Swarm (Dazzlers)
1 HD
1 damage, Flickering Strobe: CON test or blinded 1d4 moments
These floaty shimmery mote-y things do nothing on their own and little when in clouds, but their lights flash at the worst times.

1 HD
Can mimic the shape of anyone it comes across, attack 1d2 and -1 WIS
An amorphous conglomeration of silvery, mirror-bright floss, until it insinuates itself amongst the crew.

1 HD
Acid Spit 1d3, Disadvantage to attacks on glassine made with blunt weapons
An infestation of these arm-length translucent slugs in riotous colors can wipe out ship stores in days, and their spores are everywhere.

2 HD
Inanimate organics that come in contact dissolve the next moment, immune to cold and fire
Wispy, nearly transparent jellies that will ooze over asteroids, ships, anything really.

2 HD
Blazing Corona, CON test or continue to take damage every moment until successful CON test.
Exactly what it says on the tin: hoops of sullen red-orange flame, oddly spongy and as wide as the average adult is tall.

The Withered
2 HD
Two Claws 1d4, WIS test or flee in fear 1d4 moments, mindspeech
The shriveled, dry remnants of voidfarers gone awry, all too eager to feed from planting that terror in others’ hearts.

2 HD
Chilling Touch 1d6 + INT test or hallucinations for four hours
Some folks get too much of the shardfield into their system. Figuratively, or literally.

2 HD
Shellshield 2 AP + can be sundered, multiattack 1d3 three times, shipwrecker
Bulky, ribbed spiral shell, pyrite and grey, and a dozen grasping, hook-studded tentacles, oily black.

Aether Crane
3 HD
Beak Stab + bleed, 2 hit points per moment, or Wing Buffet 2d4 and CON test or stunned one moment
This huge and multicoloured crane can be ridden through the void; it will carry two riders, or one rider plus some very compact cargo.

3 HD
Prism Tentacles (2d4) + CON test or take another 2d4 damage of fire, ice, or light
Sweet, glimmering jellyfish; nice to eat, if they don’t get you first. The fire ones are nicely spicy.

3 HD
All DEX tests rolled with Disadvantage, CON test or Drains 1 Level with Hit
A shark of the void, blood-black and savage, that feeds on the spirit more than the flesh.

Great Nudi
3 HD
May cast a beneficial spell of level 1-3 if offered food
Why yes, that is a billowing, ruffling multicoloured nudibranch the size of a cow undulating through the void.

3 HD
Pale Bolt 1d6 up to Far Away target, up to three targets; shatters wood or glass, shipwrecker
Strange creatures of articulated milky shells and long, long spikes, like an insectile hedgehog.

Void Ivy
4 HD
Continues to inflict initial damage every moment until needle coils removed, only damaged by fire
A malignant coiling knot of greenery that moves of its own accord; the spores of a corrupted starvine seed.

Frozen Ocean Sage
4 HD
Can cast 1d6 first level spells, 1d3 second level spells and 2 random higher level spells; 1d6 Phantom Staff
A frozen ocean sage will never reveal their features, but they are willing to offer words of advice wherever they may be found in exchange for their whimsical requests.

4 HD
2 claws 1d4 + Bite 1d8, Breath 2d10 on 2d8 Nearby targets once every six moments (shipwrecker)
A sturdy carbuncle-hide dragon that can fly through the void, carrying two riders plus their personal cargo in harness.

Jurai Bee
4 HD
Sting 1d10 + CON test or add 2d10 poison damage or paralysis
The monstrous, usually docile bees that nest within and pollinate the most ancient of starvine trees.

5 HD
Bite 1d6 and CON test or petrified
This massive viper-like creature sports waxy scales and lurks amongst the debris of the Shard Fields.

5 HD
Six Tentacles 1d8 and CON test or paralyzed, will sprout another attack tentacle when injured unless damaged by fire in that moment
A barrel of soft translucent flesh, gaping maw and a corona of writhing, stinging tentacles, found anchored on any solid surface.

Cold Mannequin
5 HD
Lure — WIS test or be drawn towards mannequin, Frostburst 2d8 damage to any Close targets every 4 moments
Scattered throughout the void are inscrutable statues of seamless white metal that stand guard and wait.

5 HD
Bite 1d6, Sting 1d6 + acid spray 2d4, immune to piercing attacks, shipwrecker
Gigantic hunter wasps from the starvines and greenworlds, armoured in ominous crimson and blue-black.

6 HD
STR test or Bound in place along with equipment, CON test or stunned 1d6 moments after successfully struck
A glistening, gritty, gigantic cell of pseudopods found amongst asteroids and other rocky debris.

Ebon Spider
6 HD
Black Web — DEX test or Entangled + 2d8 damage per moment, Bite 1d12 + 1d4 next moment after attack, shapeshift
These massive black arachnids can take the forms of any creature that they have devoured.

6 HD
2 Barbs 1d8, healed by magic (2 Hit Points per level of spell)
An amalgamation of black briars and brass armour in roughly humanoid shape.

Void Manta
6 HD
Becomes Invisible until it attacks, as an action; shipwrecker
The colour of the void and speckled with twinkling lights … when you see it coming.

7 HD
Darkness cloud affecting all Nearby, 2 Tentacles 2d6 + INT test or dazed one moment
And out of the dark drifts a pale-fleshed nautilus nestled in a shell of shimmering ivory, two tendrils trailing.

7 HD
Ambusher’s Aim — holds action for two moments then WIS or DEX test or target is OoA, all DEX tests are rolled with disadvantage, can cast 1-4 1st level spells
Elegant, sharply sculptured mantids, wise of eye and swift of strike.

The Waxen
7 HD
Create Objects (of resin or wax), Create Meal, Charm (as an action), Teleport to Nearby location once per fight
Strange shelly creatures all but hidden under their protective domes, but amenable if not attacked.

Ghost Ship
7 HD
Will reform and hunt those that defeat it, vulnerable to fire, unliving, shipwrecker
Sometimes an entire vessel and its crew persists beyond death, if the mission was fraught enough.

Myrmich Lord
8 HD
Spawn – create 1d6 2 HD myrmichs every moment, Quicksilver Bite 3d4 and liquifies metal it touches
Gargantuan ant-like conqueror as at home inside planetoids or grand cities as it is deep inside shards.

8 HD
Blind all Nearby, Discern Fate, Create Illusions, Prismatic Bolt 3d6, shipwreck
Beneath the frost, a faceted sphere of living crystal as large as a ship that peers into the future and the past.

Living Comet
8 HD
Iceflame Aura 2d8 all Close subjects, 3d6 Ram + CON test or crushed prone, shipwrecker
It’s not the snow and ice that lives, but the spirit that rides the comet through the void — but why?

Luminous One
9 HD
Healing Fires 3d8 restoration, Claws 3d8, spells as 4th level spellcaster, grant Weal or Woe
A heron of blue-white light, a misty and vaguely humanoid shape, both at once, or neither; but a source of succor nonetheless.

9 HD
1d10 damage next moment after attack, immune to elemental based attacks and slashing weapons, shipwrecker
This horror is part monster worm, part centipede, all iridescent barbed jaws, and perpetually hungry.

9 HD
2 Tentacles 2d8 + if both hit, grapple and Beak for another 2d8 damage, shipwrecker.
Sometimes, just being an enormous arrow-sleek steely squid is more than enough.

10 HD
Immune to normal weapons, vulnerable to light, attacks stop healing until healing magic or equivalent is used; a person killed by an abyssan will become a ghoul (PC HD, paralytic touch) under the abyssan’s control in 1d6 minutes
A colourless slash in the fabric of reality, wrapped around a conglomeration of the bones of scores of the dead.

10 HD (special)
Slows ship travel to 1/6 normal, disadvantage on all rolls, shipwrecker
A vast, foggy sargasso in the void that slowly saps the life out of all inside it, its own essence dispersed through ten pale, false ghost-hearts.

10 HD
Engulf — any target smaller than 6 HD, 2d6 damage every moment; immune to physical weapons, shipwrecker
One of the eerier encounters in the void: a long and slowly tumble-swimming tube of wispy plasm, more than capable of swallowing a ship whole.

Bright Blizzard
11 HD
Beauty Of Snow — WIS or Pilot test or be lured into centre of the Bright Blizzard, 2d6 damage to all touching or within it, CON test or be frozen solid after 1d6 minutes of being drawn inside, vulnerable to fire, immune to cold
Elemental phenomenon like this huge storm — ephemeral, delicate, but deadly — can and do spring up without warning.

11 HD
Disadvantage on attack rolls when Zeuglon attacks, immune to elemental damage, shipwrecker
Like a reptilian whale, drawn out sleek and menacing and equipped with four flukes to speed its fanged jaws ever closer.

Starvine Wanderer
12 HD
Inject Seeds, Engulf — any target smaller than 8 HD, Chlorophyll Infusion, Burning Sap 2d8 + 1d8 damage the following 1d6 moments, shipwrecker
Uncountable glittering, emerald and bronze branches radiate from this young starvine tree’s woody core.

12-15 HD
Extinguishes all fire and light up to Far Away, 2 Claws 1d8 + 1 Bite 1d10, CON test or lose 2 levels (Pilot test or lose two levels/ship HD), can cast 1d8 spells of any level, shipwrecker
A frightful and monstrous draconic creature with four insectile wings, rows of hateful eyes, and a coal black hide glistening with bone-violet.

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