Some Tiny Trinket Tables

Here is a handful of d6 tables for finding a nifty thing a starting character or random NPC may be carrying, a wee reward or treasure, or a bit of colour in a dungeon room.

The tables are for broad themes, but that doesn’t mean they need to map to a particular class / job / profession / etc — choose whichever you like.  The results could make an interesting wrinkle in a story!



01. a fragment of your ancestor’s blade
02. a letter of recommendation from a mercenary captain
03. armour patching kit with hidden skein of golden thread
04. scraps of parchment marked with heraldry sketches
05. two arrowheads edged with sanctified alloy
06. a kaleidoscopic tabard of embroidered patchwork



01. a slim greenstone scroll tube, engraved
02. four perfectly matched glass orbs
03. a gnarled staff cut from a thousandoak
04. string of worry beads, brass and bone
05. a packet of inscribed curse wards
06. half of a badly scorched rare text



01. palm-sized statuette of an ancient saint
02. illuminated document guaranteeing passage from hell
03. fragment of stained glass and lead
04. bronze censer in the shape of a lotus bud
05. sealed flask of holy oil, dark and viscous
06. apocryphal scriptures on tattered linen rolls



01. a tiny leather pocket that adheres to the skin
02. an ancient pierced coin, sharpened on one edge
03. two vials of thin resin laced with soot
04. scrap of paper with coded guild passwords
05. an IOU from a smallmerchant of spices
06. a long scarf of smoky silk fringed with weights



01. fragments of bone from a legendary figure
02. softly glowing serpent pearl
03. ivory grains from a unicorn’s horn
04. talon-tip broken from divination demon
05. phoenix eggcase fragments, cinnamon and myrrh
06. fractal core of an elemental spirit



01. necklace of cowries and blue glass beads
02. polished abalone shell used to burn incense
03. golden ring incised with a stylized eye
04. heart-shaped locket of rose quartz
05. velvet ribbon trimmed with fox teeth
06. copper hoop earrings strung with strings of tiny bells



01. oaken spindle, distaff and winder
02. leather roll of fishhooks, one of ancient bone
03. naalbinding needles and skeins of bright wool
04. a slim ivory case for reed pens and six pigments
05. woodworking burins and adze, mounted in cedar
06. six pouches of seeds, dibble-stick and broadknife



01. palm-sized egg with glassy smooth grey shell
02. signet ring with unknown crest in violet-gold alloy
03. portion of sticky ambrosial cake of divinity
04. ever-blooming blue rose
05. garnet carbuncle that looks like a cat’s eye
06. a tiny twinkling mote of silvery light

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