A dozen tinier trifles

01.  five black violets dried between leaves of parchment, folded in a silver case

02.  a pair of gloves sewn from amber and ruby seed beads

03.  a tiny ceramic bird that flutters to life when breathed on

04.  a pair of lovingly polished knuckledusters with prisms on the business flats of the them

05.  a weathered, folded parchment in a leather envelope that appears to name the holder of the document as the heir of an important clan or family

06.  a handful of dried rose petals in a screw of waxed paper

07.  twin paperweights in the shape of frogs, blue-green glass with gilded eyes

08.  three quill pens cut from brightraven feathers

09.  a slim belt-sash woven from crimson wool mixed with silk

10.  the bones from the left forepaw of an unliving runepard

11.  a mysterious, dagger-like fang that glows faintly

12.  a jack of thinned oxhorn, mounted in gold and engraved with linked verses praising an ancestral hero

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