Four enchantments

Binding Blossom

If two or more beings drink from the same draft within the hollow of this translucent ruby-glass rose (the size of two fists pressed together), those beings will always be able to sense the general location of all who drank, as well as whether they are in any great physical distress.

The Cleansing Fires

Actually small blocks of essence-of-amber; when one is tossed into flames or onto coals, any broken object passed through the leaping golden flames is miraculously restored.


Sorcerer’s Shawl

Not an item of clothing at all, but a delicately carved gem or polished bit of precious metal meant to be inserted into the flesh. Such a Shawl may have one of two purposes: either to serve as a grimoire containing 10 levels of spells in any combination (“readable” by touching the Shawl), or it may hold up to 5 levels of spells inside waiting to trigger at the owner’s command (and those must afterwards be re-cast or replaced by other cast spells).


An enchanted arrow carved from briarwood, chiseled to a point but bearing no arrowhead, and fletched with trimmed rose petals.

A sorrowthorn does no actual injury even though it does appear to pierce the flesh; instead it overwhelms the victim with paralyzing grief until shaken or otherwise shocked out of it.

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