A dozen trifles

It’s already being A Weekend[tm].  So, a handful of small distractions to sneak into a game session.


01.  ivory beads, tumbled so smooth over the years with prayer and handling that the whorls of their entwined serpents are nearly worn away

02.  a piece of smoky obsidian worn and polished into the rough shape of a crouching frog with a butterfly in its mouth

03.  a delicate network of crystal nodes and hair-fine golden wire, intersecting and interlacing; is it a hairnet, a strange broad-collar, or something else?

04.  paired scribe’s palettes of smoothly polished ebony with brass fittings, each sporting a well for water, a slot for quills or brushes and six wells filled with brilliant colours

05.  a burnished unicorn’s skull inlaid with tiny patterns of petals, leaves and snowflakes in glittering gemstones

06.  a tiny, cunningly jointed figurine of a running deer, of ivory picked out in stained colours and gilding

07.  a moth in a glass bulb that glows with a soft blue phosophoresence

08.  a dagger honed from a split and ground human femur, carved with spiraling runes filled with cinnabar

09.  an ornate openwork arrowhead of silver-chased steel, its tang pierced for the leather thong it’s been strung on

10.  a folding game board and pieces in red and yellow cedar

11.  a tiny glass sphere that shows the phase of the moon

12.  a crackled prism of glass shading pink to violet, warm and comforting to the touch

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